surface:205.6 km ²
inhabitants:64.436 (2000)
Bev.dichte:313 E. /KM ²
geo code:1412
Karte von Ayutthaya, Thailand mit Sena

Sena (Thai: เสนา ) a Amphoe ( district) in the province ( Tschangwat) is Ayutthaya in central Thailand. The neighbouring Amphoe is in the clockwise direction from the north: Phak shark, fear for Ban, fear for Saai, Lat Bua Luang and fear for Sai.

In the center of the principal place Sena is located a clock tower, which indicates the time at all four sides. In the local wade takes place to each Tuesday evening a temple market, where countless salesmen try to bring practically everything to cheap prices to the customers.

The secondary level school Senaprasit accomplishes regular sport days between Christmas and New Year. To this cause the pupils dress into different Thai tradition garbs and march over the schoolyard. Also a Prozession up to the school is undertaken by the city centre. Three days long begin the pupils in the most diverse kinds of sport against each other.


the district is arranged into 17 subdistricts (Tambon ):

No. Name Thai name
1.Sena เสนา 10.Ban Krathum บ้านกระทุ่ม
2.Ban Phaen บ้านแพน 11.Ban Thaeo บ้านแถว
3.Chao Chet เจ้าเจ็ด 12.Chai well ชายนา
4.SAM Ko สามกอ 13.SAM Tum สามตุ่ม
5.Fear for Nom Kho บางนมโค 14.Lat Nga ลาดงา
6.Hua Wiang หัวเวียง 15.Don Thong ดอนทอง
7.Manwichai มารวิชัย 16 Ban Luang บ้านหลวง
8.Ban Pho บ้านโพธิ์ 17.Chao Sadet เจ้าเสด็จ
9.Chon Khe struggled รางจรเข้

Amphoe of Ayutthaya Wappen Ayutthaya

Phra NAK-hone SI Ayutthaya - fear for Ban - fears for Pa in - fear for Saai - fears for Sai - fear for Pahan - Ban Phraek - Lat Bua Luang - Maha advice - NAK-hone Luang - Phachi - Phak shark - Sena - Tha Ruea - Uthai - Wang Noi


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