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of the transmitters free Berlin (SFB) was from its establishment at the 1. June 1954 up to 30. April 2003 an institute of the public right national broadcasting corporation for Berlin and/or. 1990 ago only for West Berlin. The name was an allusion on „the free “West Berlin as demarcation to east Berlin and the there broadcast.

With effect of the 1. It fused May 2003 with the East German broadcast Brandenburg (ORB) to the new broadcast Berlin Brandenburg (RBB). The SFB was member of the pool of broadcasting corporations.

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to history

1922 up toCase of the wall

1922 was created society for wireless instruction and maintenance ltd. in Berlin the German hour , to 29. October 1923 a radio ending in Germany radiated for the first time. 1933 were put under state control the broadcast and as realm transmitter Berlin part of thelater largeGerman broadcast. This would send until 1945.

In postwar Germany on the one hand British crew power created 1945 first radio Hamburg, that in the autumn 1945 as northwestGerman broadcast (NWDR) common broadcasting corporation for completely Northwest Germany including Berlin became and on the other hand those American crew power in Berlin the broadcast in the American sector (RIAS). Both stations would send a German radio broadcasting program first in each case.

1948 were transferred the NWDR in German hands and an institute of the public right for the Lands of the Federal Republic to Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin. The RIAS remained further in American hands.

Starting from 1950 the NWDR beside its past program on UKW radiated two further regional radio broadcasting programs, which after separation of the institute as NDR 2 and/or. WDR 2 designatesbecame. In the same year the NWDR was initial member of the pool of broadcasting corporations. Two years later (1952) the NWDR was considerably responsible for the reopening of the television in Germany.

After the rising of the people in the GDR of 17. June 1953 andthe reproaches against the RIAS standing under US sovereignty to have too reservedly behaved the calls became ever louder after their own independent broadcasting corporation in the western part of Berlin.

Thus already stepped to 12. November 1953 the law over the establishmenta broadcasting corporation transmitter free Berlin into force, due to its to the 1. June 1954 for West Berlin its own broadcasting corporation was created. Thus Land Berlin from the transmission area of the NWDR separated and these handed over to the new citizen of Berlin transmitter thatBroadcast building at the Heidelberger place in Wilmersdorf. Later the SFB transferred the house of the broadcast to the Masurenallee to Charlottenburg. With that kind of sending at the 1. June 1954 radiated the SFB two radio broadcasting programs, SFB 1 and SFB 2.The new institute joined the pool of broadcasting corporations in September 1954. In the same year the common television program of the pool of broadcasting corporations started in Germany, to which the SFB organized its own regional program for Berlin starting from 1958.

At the 1. October 1962 started the SFBtogether with the NDR that first as the third program designated radio broadcasting program with fastidious music and word endings. Starting from 1. June 1973 radiated this program for the first time immigrant worker programs from and starting from 1. April 1979 was occasional it under the designation SFB 3 -also in co-operation with WDR 3 - the classical period and culture wave of the SFB.

To 4. January 1965 started the third television program north German television, late north 3 and/or. N3 of the NDR, at itself beside the SFB also the radio Brementook part. The program was removed soon to a full program and is in the meantime also over satellite in Europe to be received almost completely. For this for example the well-known Politmagazin of CONTRASTS counted, to 18. January 1968 radiated itself for the first time by the SFB andduring the reporting in the first years on the development of the Eastern Bloc concentrated.

On the subcarrier of the television program N3 started to 30. September 1988 the regional videotex offer north text (today NDR text), which would send also information about Berlin.

The development since 1989

to the 1. January 1992 became the SFB national broadcasting corporation for entire Berlin and from the past radio broadcasting program SFB 1 became the program city radio 88acht. In the October of the same yearly the SFB from third separatedSince that time television program north 3 out and radiated a its own citizen of Berlin television program under the name B 1 , which was renamed later in SFB 1.

To 22. February 1993 started the SFB with radio B two a first radio broadcasting program in co-operationwith the ORB. The new program was an information and a service wave for Berlin and Brandenburg and addressed itself to 25 - to 50-jährige listeners. In this program the past program SFB 2 came up. A further co-operation between SFB andORB was brought with the youth radio Fritz on the way. Kind of sending of this transmitter was the 1. March 1993.

To 18. September 1994 started the SFB the radio broadcasting program SFB 4 RADIOmultikulti, an international wave for foreign and German listeners.After short Probebetrieb started to 28. August 1995 a further co-operation wave between SFB and ORB, the info radio, a digital realigning and information channel, which would send around the clock.

The further development of radio co-operation between ORB and SFB led to 26. August 1997 for adjustment 1993 the started program radio B two (ORB/SFB) and the 1992 of the ORB of started program radio Brandenburg. As follow-up transmitter for both programs radio unity, a day LG1 sliding program for listeners came up starting from 25 years,Transmission.

In the culture range the SFB beside the ORB also a co-operation with north Germans the broadcast ( NDR) was received. Of the 3. October 1997 to 2000 was radio 3 the common classical period and culture wave of SFB, ORB and NDR. In radio 3the past program SFB 3 came up . After 2000 radio still became 3 of NDR and ORB to 31. December 2002 and after it of the ORB alone resumed.

At the same time with radio 3 started at the 3. October 1997 as the further co-operation wave betweenORB and SFB radio culture (at first *radio culture, late radio culture written) under the leadership of the SFB, which took over program sections of the former SFB 3. This program offered classical music, new music, jazz and world music beside a broad political reporting.

programs of the SFB

up to the time of the fusion with the ORB to the broadcast Berlin Brandenburg (RBB) at the 1. May 2003 radiated the SFB thus alone or in co-operation with other radio and TV organizations the following programs:

Watch television

sound broadcasting

  • 88acht - city radio for Berlin
  • RADIOmultikulti - international one wave for foreign and German listeners from Berlin
  • radio unity - day LG1 sliding program for listeners starting from 25Years in co-operation with the ORB
  • Fritz - youth radio in co-operation with the ORB
  • info radio - realigning and information wave in co-operation with the ORB
  • radio culture - culture wave in co-operation with the ORB

transmitting plants

  • transmitting pole for UKWand TV: Berlin Scholzplatz
  • transmitting plant for MW in the Stallupöner avenue (northern edge Green forest)


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further broadcasting stationsin West Berlin after 1945:

broadcasting station in east Berlin after 1945:


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