Senile bed escape

the senile bed escape is a sleep disturbance, which is characterized by too early awaking. Often concerning cannot fall asleep thereby despite tiredness again. This sleep disturbance arises at the age more frequently.

At the age the sleep need of humans decreases ever more. If a young adult on average needs still approximately 8 hours sleep, then humans get along 50 years later often with 4 to 6 hours sleep.

Since older humans bore themselves frequently and go therefore at the same time as in former times to bed, when they stood still in the working process, this leads to very early awaking and colloquially as „senile bed escape “is designated. They feel generally rested and rise themselves contrary to many younger humans gladly early. Easy and early rising does not have to mean meanwhile that all older humans with their sleep are content. On the contrary: In the age, like already mentioned, complaints over bad sleep take drastically too, which reflects itself also in high sleeping drug consumption. A possibility for the avoidance of sleeping drugs is the Verkürzung of the sleep time by shift of the falling asleep time. Here by a meaningful occupation awake-holding a shift of the falling asleep habits is reached. This leads, during appropriate handling, to a balanced sleep peace on „a piece “.

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