Sepp Viellechner

Sepp Viellechner, civil: Werner Viellechner (* 14. January 1935 in Kirchseeon, district Ebersberg) is a German singer in the area of the folk music. It is married with Brigitte.

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Sepp buildup with two brothers in Kirchseeon. After the school he learned the occupation of the Carpenter. But it began soon thereafter its study at the opera school “Birna”, in order to visit afterwards residents of Munich the Trapp conservatoire. End of the 1950er years participated it in a yodelling competition of the Apollo theatre and made the 1.Platz. it received then its first record contract to 1959. Thus its career was drawn as popular singers. Its tenor voice brought in Caruso of the mountains” in soon the surname “.

1972 had Sepp Viellechner its first television appearance with the merry musi edges in the Second Channel of German Television, which numerous further appearances followed. Admits became also its appearance with its Dackel Bazi, which as “yodelling Dackel” entered television history.

1989 applied Sepp Viellechner as well as Maxl count with the Grand Prix of the people music 1989. Their title hardly look i auf'd clock is scho autumn reached considerable 7. Place during the German preliminary decision.

Sepp Viellechner is to be seen only occasional today with television meetings.


success title

  • the Kufsteinlied, 1969
  • hardly look i auf'd clock is scho autumn 1989
  • a Bajuware knows no stress 1993
  • La Pastorella


albums (selection)

  • Caruso of the mountains
  • the Kufsteiner song - the most beautiful Jodler and songs
  • of noble pointing songs of the homeland
  • merry in the fixed tent
  • homesickness after the mountains
  • again and again glad songs
  • La Pastorella
  • melody the mountain
  • as beautiful is nevertheless the world


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