of Septembers is the ninth month of the yearly in the Gregorian calendar and has 30 days.

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To 22. September or 23. September is the Tagundnachtgleiche - the sun stands exactly over the equator and comes up on this day exactly in the eastand exactly in the west under. On this day, astronomically seen , the autumn begins.

The old German name is Scheiding or also weeds month.

The month Septembers in the hour book of the duke of Berry

in the Roman calendar was September originallythe sieved month (lat. septem = sieve). In the year 153 v. Chr. became the beginning of the year however around two months forced, so that on behalf of and counting relationship were void.

In the Roman province small Asia applied this month as the first of theYearly, because emperor Augustus had birthday in September (a strange marginal note of world history). This local tradition was transferred later in the Byzantine empire and applied also in Russia up to the year 1700; only after it one closed the general calendar ruleson, which concerns the beginning of the year. When the senate suggested likewise renaming September to his honours Tiberius with the question rejected, which then with the three tenth Caesar was.

September begins with the same weekday as December.

meetings in September

in Germany since 1993 on second Sunday in September in the context of the European Heritage Days are held the day of the open monument under the guidance saying “history for touching”.

Since 2001 September becomesby Colgate in co-operation with the federal dentist chamber as the month of the mouth health explains.

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