Septimanien is a historical territory in the southwest of France. It extended at the Mediterranean coast approximately of the Rhônemündung up to the Pyreneeses in the today's Languedoc.

The designation Septimanien emerges for the first time in the people migration time and probably decreases/goes back to the Roman name for the city Béziers (Colonia Septimanarum Baeterrae ), lying in the center of the region.

At the beginning 5. Century came the entire area under the rule of the Westgoten. From them led itself since center the 9. Century likewise common designation Septimaniens as Mark county Gothien off. Between 719 and 725 of the Mauren eingedrungnen from Spain occupied, the country 759 came as duchy to the Frankish realm. Since end of the 11. Century was subordinate the country to the counts of Toulouse. Together with their remaining possessions it fell due to the Albigenserkriege at the beginning 13. Century to the French crown.

Mark count von Septimanien


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