Sergei Konstantinowitsch Tumanski

Sergei Konstantinowitsch Tumanski (Russian СергейКонстантиновичТуманский, wiss. Transliteration Sergej Konstantinovič Tumanskij; * 21. May 1901; † 9. September 1973) was a Soviet engine designer.

After its training he worked from 1931-1938 and then again 1940 in central Institut for aircraft engines, who belonged to the aircraft engine work 29. 1943 he became second man in the OKB (experimental design engineering department) of Mikulin. 1955 he was appointed the chief engineer and in the year after general engineer. It exercised this position up to the year 1973.

Tumanski exerted substantial influence on the development of jet engines for supersonic airplanes. Thus it developed among other things the engines for the MiG-21, the R-11 F-300, and for Mach 3+ snapped MiG-25, the Tumanski R-31.

After it was already distinguished 1946 with the state price, one honoured it 1957 with the medal hero of the socialist work and the Lenin medal, in particular for the development of the R-11. Tumanski was since that 26. June 1964 member of the Academy of Sciences of Russia.


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