Sergei Semjonowitsch Uwarow

count Sergei Semjonowitsch Uwarow (СергейСемёновичУваров, wiss. Transliteration Sergej Semënovič Uvarov; * 25. August 5. September 1785 in Moscow † 4. /17. September 1855 ebd.) was a Russian politician and literature scientist.

Uwarow studied curator of the university and the training district of pc. in Goettingen and became 1811. Petersburg, 1818 president of the Academy of Sciences, 1822 director of the section of the Manufakturen and the internal trade and 1832 Ministers of the public enlightenment.

It created over 700 institutes (among other things the university to Kiew) as well as scholarly societies, libraries, museums etc. and provided for better doping of the teaching staff. When after the events of 1848 the Russian schooling still larger restrictions was subjected, Uwarow withdrew itself from the Ministry. Its son Alexei Uwarow became an archaeologist.

By its writings, which state a thorough study of the foreign literatures, are to be emphasized:

  • Etudes de philosophy et de critique (Paris 1843) and
  • Esquisses of politiques et litteraires " (Paris 1848).

Note: Double data are first of all indicated in accordance with Julian calendar, which applied in Russia up to the October Revolution 1917, secondly in accordance with in the west since that 16. /18. Jh. used Gregorian calendar. See also: Wikipedia: Name conventions/cyrillic


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