Sergio Leone

Sergio Leone (* 3. January 1929 in Rome, Italy; † 30. April 1989 in Rome) was an Italian film director, he is particularly for its extraordinary and neuernden work in the range of the Italo Western famous.

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as a son of the film pioneer Vincenzo Leone (“Roberto Roberti”) and the actress Edvige Valcarenghi (“Bice Waleran”) began also the young Leone early in the film business. In the fiftiesit began finally with the letter of film scripts, at that time still for historical epische war films, which celebrated large commercial successes at this time. Beside it assisted in renowned films with the direction (so also with Ben Hur in the year 1959),its first correct public work for the last days of Pompeji he received 1959 after Mario Bonnards loss. Even if it were only an Italian Low budget production, it carried the experiences forward concerning the financing immediately and made themselves two years laterto its first film even led:The Koloss of Rhodos.

While in the Sechzigern the demand for Epen ebbed, Leone was already at the production of its next work, this time in completely different direction: the Western. After its pioneer workwithin this range with the film for a handful dollar and the immediate successors for a few dollar more and two glorious Halunken the again-invented category of the “Italo Western” exploded, afterwards because of the unbelievable abundance and developing number ofless good products also than “Spaghetti Western” scoffs. With these films also Clint Eastwood created the break-through, which had received before hardly roles. The first three Western Leones revolutionized the camera guidance and music of the category, which had memorably composed Ennio Morricone(like also of countless other Italo Western). Leone had attached much importance to realistic appearance, was its speciality zoom shots on the hard, salient faces of the anti-heroes, which likewise represented a total break with the past film design.

1967 followed its invitationto America, where it wanted to turn a truly masterly film:Play me the song of death (C'era una volta IL west - Once Upon A Time in The west). One turned in America, Spain and Italy, this time howeverwith an unbelievable American Cast (Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson), to a long and hard picture over the dream of the west, the American dream. All involved ones, film script author Donati as well as the authors of the Grundstory Bernardo Bertolucci and Dario Argento, for which still large director careers should wait, Epos helped with this, today as Monument of the Western admitted. At first however looked completely differently, since the production company Paramount before cinema start had blended the film to on the unrecognizable, which ratherlow successes at the cashes in the USA to the consequence had. In Europe it struck however records, and today, after the original version was published several times, world-wide was accordingly appreciated.

In the subsequent years itself Leone wanted actually with production workback-lean, so with death melody (Giu La Testa), which by his former assistant Gian Carlo Santi be originally turned should, but finally on requests of the actors, who deplored differences with Santi, by Leone one took over. It is oneits heaviest films, which concerns the accesibility, with a mystischen character. Finally the director concentrated actually on producing, begun with “my name is Nobody”, a Westernklamauk with Henry Fonda and Terence Hill, which many further similar films followed,to those by Leone themselves or other scene one shot also alleged.

Of 1972 to prepared it itself then on its largest project forwards, which it had had for a long time in the back of the head: To it was once in America, based on the book The Hoods, which two contents of American culture, greed and force, and whose connection should connect with origin and friendship, became twelve years long fiddled, until it celebrated 1984 premiere - again from the originalthree and a half hours completely blended of Studios. Many judge this as the largest unfairness in Leones film life, since he would have surely received a OSCAR for the original version, however remain that all speculation. The director died 1989, as he straighton a next Epos (over the FE storage of Lenin degree in the Second World War) worked.

This very day many directors describe Leone as their large Idol. Clint Eastwood, Leones large star, that had some disputes with him, dedicated the OSCAR, which he for itsWestern pitying lot (Unforgiven) 1992 for the best direction received, Sergio Leone.


“I see the things sometimes naive, but as sincere as the children on the stages of the Viale Gloriose. ”



* productions under strange direction, partial sequences under direction Leones

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