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the series of B is the second highest play class in many Italian sport leagues. There is a series B for example in the Volleyball. Equivalently there is a series in some kinds of sport also a2 (hand ball, ice hockey). Outside of Italy with it the second Italian professional football league is meant in the very most cases.

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the series of B is the second highest Italian football - league and exists since 2004 from 22 teams. The official name reads “Lega Nazionale Professionisti series of B TIM”. The championship becomes, like the series A, of the Lega Nazionale Professionisti (ital. National professional league), a Unterorganistation Italian of the football federation F.I.G.C. (Federazione italiana giuoco calcio), aligned.

The crews, which lock the season after 42 play days at the first two places, ascend directly into the series of A , the third to sechstplatzierte play a third Aufsteiger in a simple K.o. - Tournament out. The last four crews descend into the two groups of the series of C . In addition the crews participate in the Italian cup, the Coppa Italia.

Play day, is as usually in the series of A Sunday afternoon. With plays of the national team, usually also the series of B. pausiert. The play day becomes forced thereby on Wednesday or Thursday.

Beginning of the season is at the beginning of of Septembers, usually one week before beginning of the series of A season and ends to at the beginning of of June. After the Hinrunde, which ends in December, the back round begins after short winter break. Beginning of the back round is traditional the 6. January. Each crew plays during the season twice against every other crew in the league, in each case once in the domestic stadium and once outward, in the play place of the opponent.


note: The development of the series of B between the establishment 1949 and 2003 is incomplete and follows as soon as possible

the series of B existed as the second Italian professional league since 1949. After the highest Italian professional league had increased in the year before to 21 associations (see in addition series of A#Geschichte), decided the president at that time of the Lega Calcio Piero Pedroni the allocation of the league in two groups. The allocation in series of A and series of B, to in each case 18 crews developed.

Until 2003 the league consisted one year of 20 crews, had due to legal consequences later on 24 associations to be supplemented and plays after this season again with the desired number of crews. In the course of the heightening desires of the series of A it came to violent controversies, that as Caso Catania (ital. for “case Catania”) admits became. At the end of the season 2003 - Catania was positioned 04 on a descent place, when these inserted protest against the descent, because in the play against Siena, which 1:1 ended, a not play-entitled player was obviously used. Exactly those two escaped points would have been missing to Catania for reaching a non--descent place. The result was actually revised, after long back and forth, at the green table on 2:0 for Catania, with which the association for the series would have been play-entitled B. Whereupon protests of the Absteiger of Genova and Salernitana followed because of the Nichtabstiegs of Catania. After also the descent had remained saved for these crews, the league with three Aufsteigern and three Nichtabsteigern stood there. Because the F.I.G.C. a league with an odd number of crews rejected, had a crew to be after-designated. One decided for the AC Florenz, which had to obligation-descend one year before because of a Lizenzentzuges and so the series was allowed to jump over c1.

Protests of other series B crews, which retarded the beginning of season due to a strike drastically, followed that.


Spectator extent of utilization of the series of B
year league cut highest extent of utilization record cut
2004/05 6,538 Genova 1893 21,449
2003/04 9,523 US Palermo 23,559
2002/03 10,075 Sampdoria 21,802
2001/02 8,133 SSC Neapel 17,386
2000/01 6,942 AC Turin 17,027
1999/00 8,597 SSC Neapel 32,835
1998/99 8,394 SSC Neapel 26,149
1997/98 7,924 Salernitana 22,982
1996/97 8,136 Salernitana 18,447
1995/96 8,763 fiber plastics Bologna 17,661
1994/95 7,869 Salernitana 18,914
1984/85 10,492 AS Bari 22,221
1974/75 10,827 Verona 22,619
1964/65 9,364 SSC Neapel 44,255

in the season 2004/05 saw 3.013.816 visitors the 461 plays. This means that on average 6,538 visitors a B play visited series. Compared with the numbers of past years, this means a new negative record, since beginning of the data recordings. Nevertheless one cannot speak of declining interest: The series of B is far more, than the series of A a league with split interest. Usually some few associations with large tradition play, the accordingly large visitor masses tighten and otherwise many small crews in the series of B, which ascended from lower leagues. The straight heightening of the series of A to 20 associations, had however the consequence, which some crews with high numbers of visitors played now evenly in the series of A (US Palermo, AS Livorno, AC Florenz), or to obligation-descend had (SSC Neapel). Since in the next season only the fiber plastic Bologna will be a visitor magnet, after far attractive crews ascended into the series of A, reversal of this trend is not medium-term in view.

Also this year all associations with visitor cuts of over 10.000 visitors ascended without exception into the series of A.

Also in the series B an intensified price increase was to be determined in the last years. Differently than in the series of A, the prices remained however constant since 1991.

up and Absteiger

a list of past up and Absteiger of the series of B are under conclusion tables in the Italian series of B.


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