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Serowe is distant a city in center of Botswana with approximately 60,000 inhabitants, 250 kilometers from the capital Gaborone.

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it is the principal place of the Ngwato - people, since king Khama pulled here 1902.

the “Khama III Memorial museum” belongs to objects of interest to the most important objects of interest, it tells the history of the Khama family, the heads of the Ngwato. Leapeetswe Khama donated its house, the red house, for the museum premises. There is also an increasing nature-historical sector with a large collection of African insects and kinds of queue of the region.

The royal Kirchhof on a hill is interesting in the center of the city, the grave of Khama III. and of its family as well as the ruins of a village from that 11. Century.

Approximately 20 kilometers northwest from Serowe the “Khama Rhino Sanctuary” is appropriate - for already area. It is a safe retreat area for the sieved by Botswana 16 remaining Nashörnern.


Serowe accommodates the seat “Botswana brigades”, a movement, which brings linguistic education since 1965 to the most remote places of the country.

sons and daughters of the city

coordinates: 22° 23 ' S. Break, 26° 43 ' o. L.


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