of these articles acts of the software. For physical servers (hardware), see host (information technology).

A server is a program, which on the establishment of contact of a Client - program waits and after establishment of contact with this message exchanges.

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communication take place thereby after the Client server system. In the information technology an alternative to the Client server principle is the Peer ton Peer - principle.

The rules, those the format as well as thoseMeaning of the messages exchanged between servers and Client determine, call one minutes.

One calls the hardware, on which one or more servers run, host.

The term server is colloquially also often used, around computers in oneTo designate computer network, on which applications of servers one implements.

availability and Clustering

a server run either permanently (daemon mode) or on request of a Clients are started (see. inetd). Around the reliability and efficiency tooincrease, can several servers as cluster be hooked up. These can be distributed both on one and on several host. Breaks in or if several servers fail, then the still existing servers take over the inquiry of the Clients.


  • server, which the HTTP - minutes implement, HTTP servers are called. An access is made by HTTP Clients. HTTP is used particularly by the World Wide Web (WWW). HTTPS is a variant of HTTP, with which log data will coded transfer.
  • Server,one minutes for file transmission implement, as file, data or file servers are generally designated. The most frequently used file transmission protocols are ftp, SFTP, NFS and SMB/CIFS.

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