Sesam (Sesamum indicum)
Department: Bedecktsamer (Magnoliophyta)
subclass: Aster-similar (Asteridae)
class: Dreifurchenpollen-Zweikeimblättrige
Ordnung: Lippenblütlerartige (Lamiales)
family: Sesamgewächse (Pedaliaceae)
kind: Sesamum
kind: Sesam
scientific name
Sesamum indicum
Sesam-Körner; die Münze dient dem Größenvergleich.
Sesam grains; the coin serves the size comparison.
Sesamum indicum: Cultivation with a droplet irrigation.

The Sesam (Sesamum indicum of arab. saasim/simsi m) is a wide-spread cultivated plant. With the plant belonging to the family of the Sesamgewächse (Pedaliaceae) it concerns the probably oldest oil plant of the world.

Sesam grows into that tropical and subtropical areas world-wide. He is cultivated particularly in south - and Central America as well as in Africa, from where the plant originally descends. There the seed of the Sesams becomes (afrik.: “ajonjoli” or “benne”) frequently roasted like peanuts nibbled. The old AfricanDesignation “benne” is used interestingly enough also today still in the Southern States of the USA. Is harvested the root Sesam in the summer and its seed at the time, in which the Sesamkapseln discoloured brown.

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Sesam is 0.5 to 1 m high a krautige plant. It has thimble-similar blooms and cap fruits, which accommodate a ölhaltigen seed.

The seeds, the oil and the root Sesam become todayin particular for therapeutic and culinary purposes uses.

contents materials

Sesam contains insatiated fatty acids, proteins, mineral materials, Vitamin E, Folsäure, B-Vitamine - in particular of Niacin, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

Sesam grains

the Sesamkörner become in the tradeboth peeled and unpeeled offered, often also roasted. They are used for the refinement by baking goods and for peppering meals. Particularly roasted Sesam is very strong in the taste. In the Arab kitchen much is a Tahina (also “Tahin” or “Tahini”) likes oily paste mentionedfrom zermahlenem Sesam, lemon juice, pepper, garlic and other spices. The paste peppers many other meals of the middle east beside the Hummus also. Further roasted Sesamsamen is so e.g. an important component of many eastern sweet foods. with the so-called. Turkish honey (Halva). In the health foodfind also the Keimlinge of the grains use. In Japan is the Gomasio , a peppering salt from roasted Sesam and sea salt likes.

The seeds applied in China and in the old person Orient as life-extending and the spirit strengthening food. In the ayurvedischen welfare art Sesamöl becomesSkin diseases outwardly applied.


Sesam oil Sesamkörner up to 50 per cent oil, the Sesamöl, and 20 per cent protein. Sesamöl from roasted and cold pressed seeds is almost odorless, easily süsslich and becomes hardly ranzig - however it loses also quite fastits flavour. The good durability is to be due in particular to the high portion of different Antioxidantien. In the Chinese and Japanese, in addition, in the Arab kitchen Sesamöl is an important cook oil.

It finds use with the skin care, where it as raw material of Kosmetika one uses.

typical Sesamprodukte

„German Sesam “

the seeds as „weeds “valid Leindotters (Camelia sativa) is called also „German Sesam “. As a component of the linseed oil it serves the production of color andPaint.

A component linseed oil is not the oil of the Leindotters, but rather the oil flax/flax (Linum usitatissimum)


Sesam becomes already for several thousand years estimated due to its nutritious characteristics. It was used in particular for ritual and therapeutic purposes.

Already inGrave of the Tutanchamun Sesam seeds were found.

In order to receive their fertility and the sexual health, the Mrs. Süssigkeiten from Sesam seeds and honey ate in the old Babylon.

Sesam becomes in the old Arab (probably Syrian) legendAli Baba “with an almost infinite Wealth connected. The formula from it, “Sesam, opens you “, is connected probably with the fact that Sesam was already used since babylonisch assyrischer time (Sesam = Shamashammu) also for the charm, and one already at that time the large wealth of the small Sesam seeds for the human health highlyestimated.

Up to the today's day Sesampressen are regarded popularly as residence suspect of spirit.

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