Sexismus complaint

the Sexismus complaint (also star complaint) was a complaint on omitting, which Frauenrechtlerinnen submitted in the year 1978, in order to let to the magazine star from their view sexistische representations forbid.

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of the complaint had preceded a set of star frontispieces, which were woman-degrading in opinion of the plaintiffs, e.g. the illustration of an easily dressed Damengesässes on a Fahrradsattel in June 1977. Direct trip was a frontispiece of the photographer Helmut Newton from the April 1978, on which the Model Grace Jones was to be seen naked and in chains.

law case

the Frauenrechtlerin Alice of black ones called this one „representation of the woman as bare Sexualobjekt “and as an offence against „ all women “. She saw herself therefore as a victim of an offense in accordance with § 185 StGB. Therefore it submitted an action to restrain interference , which it with a deliktischen requirement out § 823 exp. against the publishing house of the Greens and year as well as against editor-in-chief Henri Nannen. 2 BGB justified. In addition a complaint was submitted at the press advice.

In of their published EMMA requested it their readers to likewise complain. This call Inge Meysel, Erika Pluhar, Luise Rinser, Margarete Mitscherlich and five further women followed. The deplored ones as well as critics accused an inadmissible popular complaint to them .

The regional court Hamburg knows the complaint to 26. July 1978 off (Az. 74 O 235/78). In the grounds it took up on the one hand the reproach of the popular complaint. On the other hand it stated that the women cannot be offensable as a collective. A Beleidung of a large number of persons is possible only if this steps out in such a way „person majority from the public that this circle of the individuals involved is clearly circumscribed “; at a person's group, which constitutes more than half of the German population, this cannot be the case.


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