film data
of German titles: Sexmission
original title: Seksmisja
production country: Poland
feature year: 1983
length (PAL - DVD): 116 minutes
of source language: Polish
age release: FSK 16
direction: Juliusz Machulski
film script: Juliusz Machulski,
Jolanta hard TIG,
Pavel Hajny
production: k. A.
Music: Henryk Kuzniak
camera: Jerzy Lukaszewicz
cut: Miroslawa Garlicka
  • Olgierd Lukaszewicz as Albert
  • Jerzy Stuhr as max
  • of Bozena Stryjekowna as Lamia
  • Boguslawa Pawelec as Emma
  • Hanna Stankowna as Tekla
  • Beata Tyszkiewicz as Berna

Sexmission is a Polish Science Fiction comedy from the year 1983. The film developed under the direction of Juliusz Machulski came to 12. July 1985 into the cinemas of the GDR and to 8. May 1986 into the cinemas of the FRG. In September 1986 the film appeared on video. On the television Sexmission became first to 12. June 1986 in the DFF radiated.

The scientists max and Albert participate in an experiment and let themselves be frozen, in order to become “waked up” three years later again.


the experiment fails, because instead of after three years in the cooling sleep they awake only in the year 2044. Max ones and Albert cannot seize first their luck. Nearly 50 years are too late to, but the world changed. Women, where one (n) sees. Soon, the two are the only men, whom there are at all still, become clear. After a war it gives only to Mrs., men is not no more used, because the new generation comes from the retort. Since the surface of the earth is destroyed by the war, the life in underground cities takes place.

First everything is correct. Albert, overwhelmed, of the possibilities, which are offered to him here apparently, wähnt itself at the goal of his dreams. Also max goes through only the Fantasie, but then it doubts about the whole glory come. And it is confirmed in its doubts.

In this in a totalitarian manner governed woman state max and as “archaeological finds”, unnatural natures, which must be integrated into the society, apply Albert. They are to be made by an operational interference “natural natures”, thus women. The two biologists can flee with Lamia, which changed itself by its first kiss of the militant Feministin to the unterwürfigen female, to the surface. One it pursuing woman “is healed” likewise. When they explore the surface, the four determine rapidly, which is not so verödet the earth, as one wanted to fool into believing them. By the two pairs mankind gets a second chance.


Sexmission is free courses and impudent satire, which do not do without black humor. An amusing and intelligent fun, with much erotischem accessories. Sometimes vordergründig and loud, the film argues with the sex fight and does not save not at behind-intimate criticism at totalitarian systems and their Prüderie. Wrongunderstood toolism and Männlichkeitswahn are equally denounced and taken on the arm.

(Summary film service, Leipziger people newspaper, “film club”)

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