Shaba invasion

the Shaba invasion released a Guerilliakrieg, at which the interests of the west and the Eastern Bloc countries in Central Africa met one another in the south of the today's democratic Republic of the Congo.

In March 1977 and in May 1978 troops of so-called Katanga gendarmes” penetrated, actually rebel that national front for the liberation OF the Congo (FNLC) into Shaba ( in former times Katanga) to detach with the goal, the raw material-rich province of Zaire from Angola. It succeeded to the aggressors from Angola, supported by Cuba and the Soviet Union, occasional important cities, among other things Kapanga, Kolwezi and Mutshatsha to control and widen areas of the region to conquer. They arranged above all 1978 massacres under the population, also among Europeans. Succeeded to the white survivor later under dramatic circumstances the escape and with an international relief work going on a trip to Brussels.

Militarily itself the government in Kinshasa under Mobuto Sésé Seko knew only with military aid and the use of foreign soldiers from Egypt, Belgium, France, Morocco and the USA in the context of the military operation “talks Bean” the invaders to resist and it to the retreat to finally force.

The organization for African unit (OAU) condemned the invasion, there the OAU - Charter the territorial integrity of the African states demands. The “Katanga gendarmes” were partial veterans, who already 1961 at the separatist movement in Katanga, and 1964 at the support of the government of Moise Tschombé against the Simba - rebels were involved. Many Katanga gendarmes had fled them on after Mobutus seizure of power 1965 to Angola, after the end of the Portuguese rule in Angola closed the MPLA von Agostinho Neto (→ history of Angola).

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