Scarf COM price

since the year 1981 lends the working group Shalom for justice and peace the scarf COM price to persons or projects, who use themselves for the human rights.

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the scarf COM price

of the Shalompreis is an idealistic and material honor, which the working group lends representatively of justice and peace each year at an earned personality or group of a suppressed people or a suppressed minority. With the price humans are distinguished, itself:

  • from their human convicition
  • under employment of their life and their personal liberty
  • for justice, peace, liberty of all, solidarity with suppressed one, tolerance,
  • for a fair economic system, democracy and a protection of the environment use and thus help, the implementation of the human rights protect and/or. to promote.

The protector of the action is calibrate-corroded the respective mayor of the city. The price 21mal was assigned from 1981 to 2006.

The Shalompreis is endowed and by donations financed on at least 5,000 euro. Usually about 15,000 euro could be collected. The money flows thereby directly into a concrete project, which the winner suggests and over that the working group further to report receives.

past winners

  • 1982 bishop Rivera y Damas (El Salvador)
  • 1983 Lech Wałęsa (Poland) and SR. Pilar Verzosa (the Philippines)
  • 1984 bishop Juan Gerardi Conedera (Guatemala)
  • 1985 bishop Revelo (El Salvador)
  • 1987 Padre Tomás Garcia (Guatemala)
  • 1989 Cimi Indiandermissionsrat (Brazil)
  • 1993 Carmelita Santos (Guatemala)
  • 1994 SR. Caroline Mayer (Chile)
  • 1995 „People for Peace “(Kenya)
  • 1996 Professor. Obiora Ike (Nigeria)
  • 1997 ATPDH and AJAC (Chad)
  • 1998 Yanette Bautista (Colombia)
  • 1999 Chris Hunter (Chechnya)
  • 2000 Marguerite Barankitse (Burundi)
  • 2001 Yusuf Akbulut and Isa mortgages (Turkey)
  • 2002 „open House “(Israel/Palestine)
  • 2003 CENIDH and CCER (Nicaragua)
  • 2004 Pater Tadeo Nguyen Van Ly (Viet Nam)
  • 2005 Pater Luciano Verdoscia with its project Abna Wadi aluminium Nile (Egypt)


in the year 2006 is the price country Ghana.

the working group Shalom for justice and peace

lively by the international Justitia and Pax - movement was created the working group 1981 by studying. The working group understands itself as human right organization consists today still of students at the catholic University of Eichstätt Ingolstadt and unites persons from the Eichstätter population. The entire commitment takes place on honorary basis.

A goal of the working group is it to make separately a contribution for world-wide peace and the keeping of the human rights. The members want to make their contribution by a conscious life-style, consciousness screen end measures (services, reminding guards, seminars, etc.) as well as the annual assignment of the scarf COM price.

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