Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth
(July 2005)

Shannon Elizabeth (* 7. September 1973 in Houston, Texas; actually Shannon Elizabeth Fadal) is an US-American actress.

Grown up in Waco, Texas as Tocher of a Syrian-Lebanese father and a Cherokee Indianerin as a nut/mother, went it to their graduation 1991 to New York town center, in order to work as photo model. In the consequence it resettled to Los Angeles and visited there the play school. It began as an actress with small Nebenrollen as well as with appearances in advertising spots and music videos. 1999 appeared photos of it in the American expenditure for August of the magazine Playboy. Likewise 1999 succeeded to it as an actress the break-through with the role of the Nadia in the film American Pie.

In June 2002 she married the actor Joseph D in Mexico. Reitman (* 25. May 1968 in bad clay/tone), with which it had arisen together before in three films. Since March 2005 the pair lives separately.


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