Shaun OF the DEAD

film data
of German titles: Shaun OF the DEAD
original titles: Shaun OF the DEAD
production country: UK
feature year: 2004
length (PAL - DVD): 95 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 16
direction: Edgar WRIGHT
film script: Edgar WRIGHT,
Simon Pegg
production: Nira park
music: Dan Mudford,
Pete Woodhead
camera: David M. Dunlap
cut: Chris of thickening

Shaun OF the DEAD, a film of the British director Edgar WRIGHT (2004 appeared), represents a mixture from comedy and horror film and at the same time a respectful Hommage to classical Zombiefilme.

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Shaun (Simon Pegg) is twenty-nine, salesmen in an electrical goods business and with its life quite dissatisfied. Its friend Liz (Kate Ashfield) just gave him the run passport, because he too the Winchester, and above all too much time with its co-inhabitant OD (nod frost), putrefied to much time in its master Pub, unemployed person small Drogendealer, spends, also in the opinion of the Shauns second co-inhabitant, who Pete (Peter Serafinowicz) exercises adretten employee, a bad influence on Shaun.

When now a daily Shauns hometown London is run over first creeping, then like an explosion of Zombies - which Shaun, although in the middle in it, first not at all noticed -, decide Shaun and OD to look for refuge at the only safe place which comes them into the sense: The Winchester. The two seize first Shauns nut/mother (Penelope Wilton) as well as - rather against Shauns will - its already of Zombies bitten stepfather (Bill Nighy) up and Liz with these on the way to Shauns ex friend, which itself the group, again with its friends, make themselves then common Dianne (Lucy Davis) and David (Dylan Moran), likewise attaches.

Shauns stepfather will shortly thereafter to the Zombie and must by the group be left. The remaining six fight themselves to foot by the roads of London and reach in the long run the Winchester. There arrived the group is besieged rapidly by the Zombies and finally dezimiert gradually. When finally the saving army arrives and the Zombiehorden overwhelmed, only in the meantime the again reconciled Shaun and Liz are remaining from the group.

The last attitude of the film betrays that OD - in run the film bitten by Zombies and thereupon even become one - by Shaun in the equipment shed at a chain is held and its time like before, before a play console spends there , completely.

age release

the film contains a relatively explicit force representation, which surprises many spectators due to the FSK 16-Freigabe. Thus about one the gone away Shauns is broken by the Zombies the belly, whereupon Gedärme are pulled out and fed. Such drastic scenes are not to be seen in the off.


  • the day LINE of the film reads: „A romantic comedy - with Zombies! “
  • Many the actor know each other already from the British Comedy series „Spaced “, and so also some Insider Gags of the series were transferred to the film.
  • There are some allusions on the films „Zombie “and „the night of the living dead ones “from George A. Romero, which called the film maximumpersonally with the word „sensationally “.
  • In the film Shaun consists not to call the creatures Zombies. It refers to the fact that allegedly in none of the past Zombie films ever the word is pleased „Zombie “. This is however not completely correct, since the word on some cut average of Romeros quite falls „Zombie “.
  • With its English humor and thus that the film remained faithful nevertheless for the horror category, „Shaun OF became the DEAD “also outside of of Great Britain a full success - in the USA he converted 3.3 million US Dollar alone on opening weekend and reserved seat 8 the Kinocharts.


  • 2004 British Independent film Award - best film script (Simon Pegg and Edgar WRIGHT)
  • 2005 Saturn Award (the USA) - best horror film
  • 2005 Bram Stoker Award - best film script (Simon Pegg and Edgar WRIGHT)
  • 2005 Empire Awards (UK) - of best ones British film
  • 2005 Peter Sellers Award for Comedy - Simon Pegg

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