Shawn Crawford

Shawn Crawford (* 14. January 1978 in Van Wyck, South Carolina) is an US-American athlete.

Crawford is for the season 2001 one the world-best Sprinter. It ran world class times over 100 m and 200 M. Its he could celebrate largest successes however on the 200 m short distance. With the athlete IC world championship 2001 in Edmonton it won the bronze medal over 200 m.

With the olympic plays 2004 in Athens it began, in order to win three medals: over 100 m, 200 m and with the US-American 4 x 100 m relay. The first start over 100 m brought it only the fourth place behind Maurice Greene. Over 200 m it could become fair then its favorite position and erlief itself the gold medal with one of the best times, which were ever run: 19.79 seconds.

The second gold medal should bring the 4 x to 100 m relay on the last day of the Leichtathletikwettbewerbe of Athens, however US quartet was struck by the British relay and to Crawford kept silver medal sensational.

Crawford studies recreational park and tourism management and made in addition headlines as it for an US-American television station against a giraffe and a Zebra 100 m a run held. Against the giraffe it could win, against the Zebra lost it.


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