base data
large region: Northeast China
province: Liaoning
status: district-free city
subdivision: 9 urban districts, 3 circles, 1 circle-free city
inhabitant: c.a. 6,9Mill. Inhabitant (1. January. 2005),
total area c.a. 7,369 millions
Surface: 12,942 km ²
Lage in China
Shenyang from space

Shěnyáng (chin. 沈阳/瀋陽) or Schenjang lies in the north east of the People's Republic of China and is the capital of the province Liaoning. It is the cultural and economical center of northeast China.

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from 1625 to 1644 was Shenyang under the name Mukden (奉天 Fèngtiān) the capital of the Mandschuri state. Therefore there the only imperial palace ( Gugong) stands China outside of the forbidden city in Peking. It was terminated established by Nurhachi and by its son Huang Tai Chi (1592-1643). From here on conquered the Qing- Dynasty China and governed it up to the end of the empire 1911. The first emperors of the Qing dynasty are bestattet in important graves around Shenyang.

1931 came it to the Mukden incident , that the trip for the Manchuria crisis were here and as its consequence Manchuria by Japan and the State of Mandschuko was occupied was created.

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Klimadiagramm Shenyang
climatic diagram Shenyang

coordinates: 41° 47´ 44 " N,123° 26´ 53 " O


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