Shiina Ringo

Shiina Ringo (椎名林檎 Shiina Ringo) (also: Sheena Ringo) (* 25. November 1978 in Fukuoka) is a Japanese singer, Gitarristin and a Pianistin. Their real name is Shiina Yumiko.

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Yumiko Shiina was born in the prefecture Fukuoka as a daughter of Koutarou Shiina, employing an oil company and Akiki Shina, a housewife. Yumiko suffered since its birth under an illness, by which the foodraw becomes ever closer toward the stomach, which led to many operations.

Their understanding for art began with the interest of their father in jazz and classical music. Their nut/mother studied at the college as speciality dancing and clench. In Yumikos parents' house was music of all kinds, as well as a piano and a guitar. In addition their father read a great many music magazines. It began to play with five years piano and learned classical clenches.

In its early childhood Yumiko was a very contact-joyful girl, it became however ever shyer and quieter. The meaning of their artist names Ringo is translates apple, when allusion on their red head, if it played before a large number of people, as well as their admiration of Ringo rigid of the Beatles.

Their parents remained a childhood without large problems in memory, apart from the fact that she did not bear it, alone to be and it did not release if it anybody for playing had.

At the age of 15 years she worked in several volume, as well as solo artist. 1995 got it an acknowledgment with the Teens music festival as a member of the Girlgroup Marvelous Mables. Later she got a Award OF Excellence than solo artist in the Finals annual music of the Quest.

solo career

your first official single in May 1998 published under the name Kofukuron (theory of the lucky unity). The debut album Muzai moratorium appeared in February 1999 and both by critics, and by the public was praised. The second, somewhat rockigere album Shouso Strip (March 2000) became likewise a success distinguished with prices, and sold themselves over 2.000.000 times. Numerous Tournees followed, until she took 2001 a pregnancy-conditioned time-out. One year later published it the double album Utaite Myouri, which excluding gecoverte Songs contains (under it I love you of Edward Grieg, which sings it on German), as well as a Duett with the singer Hikaru Utada extremely well-known in Japan. In February 2003 their last album appeared finally Karuki Zamen Kuri NO Hana, in whose 45 minutes Shiina Ringo tries to finally exceed the borders of the conventional Pop.

Shiina Ringos music style is considered as versatile and singular. Loans from jazz, Swing, Punk, classical period and skirt are regenerated and mixed with colored harmonies and experimental sound effects to a completely own sound, whereby hard E-guitars are used likewise like a classical bend volume, a symphony orchestra (whole without Beat) or the voice of an airport announcement. Contrary to the mode many Japanese musician does to Shiina Ringo to intersperse individual English lines instead one finds songs, those completely on English (e.g.Stem) or also German and French are held. Their brand name is thereby a transformationable voice with a “r” rolled excessive for Japanese conditions.

At the age of 24 Shiina married the guitarist Junji Yayoshi and got a child with it, could however already 14 months later again be separated. To the end she did to its solo career without her trademark laws and published Ringa NO Uta, a musical cross section by their career.

Tokyo Jihen

to 31. May 2004 communicated Ringo not to work longer than solo singer and created the volume Tokyo Jihen, with which it tourte on its parting tour (perpetuates on the Electric mole - DVD). After scarcely two years, album, one route and two Singles Shiina Ringos (original) solved itself formation, there Keyboarder HZM, projects with its volumes PE `Z again to take up and guitarist Hirama Mikio its solo career again to start wanted.

Again in addition 2005 Izawa Ichiyou came in place of HZM and Ukigumo (already with Shiina the Ringo on derem last solo album had worked) in place of Hirama Mikio toward end.

volume members

current members:

  • Shiina Ringo (singing, guitar)
  • Kameda Seiji (bass)
  • Hata Toshiki (Schlagzeug)
  • Ukigumo (guitar) [since at the end of of 2005]
  • Izawa Ichiyou (piano/key board) [since at the end of of 2005]

former members:

  • Hiizumi “HZM” Masayuki (piano/key board) [to at the end of of 2005]
  • Hirama Mikio (guitar) [to at the end of of 2005]

Diskografie Shiina Ringo


  • Muzai moratorium (1999)
  • Shouso Strip (2000)
  • Utaite Myouri (2002)
  • Karuki Zamen Kuri NO Hana (2003)
  • Zecchoushuu (3 mini CD set) (2000)


  1. Koufukuron (1998)
  2. Koufukuron (Maxi) (1999)
  3. Kabukicho NO Jyoou (Maxi) (1998)
  4. Koko De Kiss Shite (Maxi) (1999)
  5. Honnou (Maxi) (1999)
  6. Gibusu (Maxi) (2000)
  7. Tsumi ton of Batsu (Maxi) (2000)
  8. Mayonaka Wa Junketsu (Maxi) (2001)
  9. STEM - Daimyou asobi hen (Maxi) (2003)
  10. Ringo NO Uta (inclusive Bonus DVD) (Maxi) (2003)


  1. Seiteki Healing Sono 1 (video home system) (1999)
  2. Seiteki Healing Sono 1 (DVD) (2000)
  3. Seiteki Healing Sono 2 (video home system) (2000)
  4. Seiteki Healing Sono 2 (DVD) (2000)
  5. Gekokujyo Xstasy (video home system) (2000)
  6. Gekokujyo Xstasy (DVD) (2000)
  7. Hatsuiku status - Gokiritsu Japon (video home system) (2000)
  8. Hatsuiku status - Gokiritsu Japon (DVD) (2000)
  9. Hyaku Iro Megane (DVD) (2003)
  10. Baishou Ectasy (DVD) (2003)
  11. Seiteki Healing Sono 3 (DVD) (2003)
  12. Electric mole (DVD) (2003) [also as limited book edition available]

Diskografie Tokyo Jihen


  1. Kyouiku (2004)
  2. Otona (2006) [as regular edition pour femme and as Limited edition pour homme with bonus DVD and smell sample available]


  1. Gunjou Biyori (2004)
  2. Sounan (2004)
  3. Shuraba (2005)


  1. Tokyo Incidents of volume of 1 (2004)
  2. dynamites into (2005)
  3. dynamites Out (2005)
  4. Adult video (2006)

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