Shinji Nagashima

Shinji Nagashima (jap. 永島慎二 Nagashima Shinji; * 8. July 1937 in Tokyo, † 10. June 2005 ) was a Japanese Mangaka ( Comiczeichner) even there.

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Nagashima broke the school off with 15 years, in order to work Manga draughtsmen. Inspired of Osamu Tezuka and Tetsuo Ogawa, its debut work Sansho NO appeared Piri chan 1952. In the following years he, like also Tetsuya Chiba and Leiji Matsumoto, drew predominantly Manga for girls (shōjo) and children. Its break-through had it however only 1961 with Mangaka Zankoku Monogatari. This Manga was autiobiographisch put on and described Nagashimas experiences as Mangaka. In the 1960ern and 1970ern he published several works in the alternative magazines COM and Garo. Particularly in this time it had large influence on other Manga draughtsmen and created many successful works such as Futen and Tabito kun.

1964 it joined Osamu Tezukas Anime - Produktionsstudio Mushi Productions , where it among other things to the Animeserie Wansa kun and a film to Kimba, which white lion cooperated.

It died 2005 at the age of 67 years at heart failure in a hospital in Tokyo.

works (incomplete)

  • Sansho NO Piri chan (1952)
  • Mangaka Zankoku Monogatari (1961)
  • Futen (1967 - 1970)
  • Judō Chokusen (1967 1971)
  • Hana Ichimonme
  • Tabito kun (1973 - 1975)
  • Manga NO Obentoubako
  • Sonoba Shinogi NO Hanzai (1975 1978)


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