Shirley Bassey

lady Shirley Bassey (* 8. January 1937, Cardiff, Wales) is a British singer.

Them become mainly with the title songs for the James bond - films “gold fingers “(1964), “dia. moon of acres Forever “(1971) and “Moonraker “(1979) brought in connection. Still no other singer ever sang more than only one these desired titles.

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Shirleys father was Nigerian and westIndian descent, their nut/mother came from Yorkshire, north England. It buildup in the area of the notorious tigers Bay of Cardiff as the youngest of seven children. The father left the family,as Shirley only was two years old.

After it had terminated the school with fifteen years, it found its first work as Packerin in a local factory. It sang gladly, during it email - pots packed together and improved its earnings/services with appearances in Pubs and clubsthe area up.1953 participated it in the revueMEMORies OF Jolson “, a musical processing of the biography of aluminium Jolson. Afterwards it received a firm commitment in “Hot From Harlem “, which was specified until 1954. At this time hadShirley already enough of the Showgeschäft and went sixteen-year already with its daughter Sharon more schwanger. In the future she worked one while as a waitress in Cardiff.

By a reference however 1955 Michael Sullivan, an agent became from London, on the singer attentive. It recognized thatTalent of Shirley and decided to make from it a star. It drew by some theatres to it an offer for the show got, which should make it famous, aluminium READ “looks for Is would run “. A television transmission of this revue impressed Johnny Franz, a music producerwith Philips A&R. It offered it thereupon a disk contract on.

the Philips era

Shirley took up immediately its first single, “Burn My Candle “. It appeared with Philips in February 1956. Because of the suggestionful text of the BBC closed, solditself the single nevertheless very well. The title of the B-side was “Stormy Weather “. Further Singles appeared and in February 1957 landed Shirley Bassey their first hit with “The Banana Boat Song “, which advanced in the British hit parade up to place 8.In the same year it took up the single “If I Had A Needle and Thread/Tonight My Heart She Is Crying “for the American label Columbia under the producer Mitch Miller. Two Singles, which become classical authors in the Bassey repertoire, developed for in the middle of 1958should. “As I Love You “appeared to another Ballade as B-sideHands Across The Sea “. The sales ran first sluggishly; that changed however after an appearance in the Londoner palladium. In February 1959 it reached place 1 and remained therefor four weeks. Shirley took up at that time also “Kiss ME, Honey Honey, Kiss ME “. At the same time with “As I Love You “also this single fast one liked, and both reserved finally seats foremost at the same time.

A few months later Shirley signedBassey a contract with EMI Columbia, and which began second phase of its career.

the sixties and seventies

by the 1960er through years were represented their hits in the British hit parade. finally 1964 took it the title song for the James bond film “Gold finger “up, that itself into the Top 10 of the single hit parades in Great Britain and the USA up vogue. As consequence of this success Shirley appeared frequent in different US-American television talc shows, like those by Johnny Carson and Mike Douglas. 1971 appeared the title song to “dia. moonAcres Forever “, which became likewise a large success. 1979 followed with “Moonraker “the last James bond Titelmusik.

lady COMM other OF the order OF the British Empire

the largest part of the 1980er through years concentrated itself Bassey on non-profit work. It steppedonly occasionally in the small framework up and left the splendourful concert meetings behind itself. However their title became “History Repeating “, which it took up with the Propellerheads 1997, a sensation in Great Britain. The song reached the first place of the British dance music hit parade and broughtBassey a new generation of fans, under it the English princes William and Harry.

Perhaps because of its comparatively long persisting career and special admiration by the royal family Shirley Bassey became to 31. December 1999 of queen Elizabeth II to the “lady COMM other OFthe order OF the British Empire “raised.

Today Shirley Bassey in Monaco in its look up-exciting Show personality appropriate luxury lives.

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