Shmuel N. Iron city

Shmuel Noah iron city (* 10. September 1923 in Warsaw), sociologist. It was appointed 1959 to the chair for sociology at the Hebrew university in Jerusalem. Since 1990 it is emeritiert. It received numerous Gastprofessuren, and. A. at the University OF Chicago, the Harvard University, the University of Zurich, the University of Vienna, the University of Berne, the Stanford University, the University of Heidelberg. Numerous prices were awarded to him, and. A. the Balzan price and the Max-Planck research price. It is member of many academies, and. A. the American Academy OF kind and Science.

In the sociology it became first as a youth sociologist admits (From generation ton of generation), where also a mental proximity did to Talcott Parsons. However: “Eisenstadts research contributed considerably to solve the understanding of the modern trend from that eurocentric interpretation which saw the cultural program developed in the west as natural development model of all societies. [...] The European model is only one: the temporally earliest. Obtain the impulse. But the social reactions - it was in the USA, Canada, Japan or in the Southeast Asiatic area - took place with completely different cultural reagents. “(Frankfurter Rundschau, 22. March 2000)

important publications

  • The Political system OF Empires (1963)
  • Modernization, protest, and CHANGE (1966)
  • tradition, change and modernity (1979)
  • revolution and the transformation OF Societies (1978)
  • European Civilization in A Comparative Perspective (1987)
  • the transformation of the Israeli society (1987)
  • Japanese Civilization - A Comparative View (1996)
  • cultures of the axle time (Hrsg.), five volumes (1987 and 1992)
  • the Antinomien of the modern trend
  • the variety of the modern trend
  • theory and modern trend (2006)


Matthias king: Shmuel Noah iron city. In: Stephan Moebius/Dirk Quadflieg (Hrsg.), culture. Theories of the present. Overview volume to current culture theories. 2006, Wiesbaden: VS - Publishing house for social sciences, 750 S., ISBN 3-531-14519-3.

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