Shyne Po (* 8. November 1978 in Belize; Moses Michael Leviy, in former times Jamal Barrow) is US-more American RWSby.

Po buildup in New Yorker district the Flatbush (Brooklyn). So far from it two albums appeared: Shyne in the year 2000 and Godfather Buried Alive in the year 2004. In addition however three “unreleased” albums were published, before Shyne was condemned. There is also innumerable Mixtapes erhältich.

Shyne serve at present in the Clinton Correctional Facility prison a 10-year old detention. He was arrested in the year 2001 after a shooting in the club New York and condemned because of negligent endangerment, violent offense and bad possession of arms. Into the incident were also P. Diddy and its friend at that time Jennifer Lopez entangle.

In June 2005 Shyne's request for a premature dismissal was rejected by the court, so that he may count now at the earliest on a dismissal in the year 2009.

2006 konventierte Shyne in the prison to the Judentum and changed therefore its name “Jamal Barrow” to “Moses Michael Leviy”.

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