of these articles is occupied with the Sidekick in the maintenance. For of T-mobile refugee equipment see Hiptop.

The term Sidekick designates a special kind of Nebenrolle.

In the Comic the expression refers to a superhero to the side the aid placed (e.g. Robin in Batman).

To please called in the film that Nebendarsteller Sidekick, whose characters are put on on it, the spectator. Mostly this Nebendarsteller is responsible in the film also for the Komik. In addition the Sidekick is suited to die during the film impressively forwardseverything in the classical Western. Often a Sidekick has also a dramaturgische role: It is that, to which the hero explains its thoughts and plans, so that these are verbalisiert and so the spectator also without all-knowing storyteller or internal mono log of them experience can. Classical exampleis Dr. Watson, the shearing LOCK of cross-beam to explain must, how he solved the cases.

On the television Sidekick designates a partner or an assistant of the moderator (e.g. the female assistant in wheel of fortune, Manuel and rack in the Harald Schmidt show or Harald Schmidt in Olympia with Waldi& Harry).


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