Siegfried (film)

film data
of German titles: Siegfried
original title: Siegfried
production country: Germany
feature year: 2005
length (PAL - DVD): approx. 86 minutes
of source language: German
age release: FSK 6
direction: Sven Unterwaldt
film script: Tom Gerhardt
Herman Weigel
production: Constantin film
Gabriele roll ago
music: Karim Sebastian Elias
camera: Peter von Haller
cut: Norbert Herzner

Tom Gerhardt as Siegfried
Dorkas Kiefer as Kriemhild
of peoples Büdts as Hagen
Axel Neumann as Alberich
January Sosniok as Gunther
Daniela Wutte as Anita
Michael Brandner as MIME
Mirco Nontschew as Giuseppe
Markus Maria Profitlich as a butcher
Janine Kunze Budach as Uschi
Mirja gust as Gabi
Diana Frank as Karin

Siegfried is a German film of Sven Unterwaldt, and. A. with Tom Gerhardt, from the year 2005. The film is ajar against the German Nibelungensage (see also: Siegfried that kite-dead).

first performance

the world premiere found to 14. July 2005 in the “cinema open air” of the Mediapark Cologne instead of, the official Vorpremiere to 21. July 2005 in the Franconia home open air cinema on the Rhine meadows in Duesseldorf. Tom Gerhardt, the leading actor, was present with both performances.


the film is a Persiflage on the Nibelungensage.

The child Siegfried is suspended in a basket and swims therein over the Rhine until it forge MIME finds and it with itself accepts. A few years later however the entire people to loose-will Siegfried wishes itself again because by its strength misfortunes often happen, from which mostly the village inhabitants have to suffer.

When Siegfried of a daily moves by the forest, he sees a young girl named Kriemhild, with which he falls in love immediately. She cannot suffer it however at all, since he is poor and it originates from a king family. Its people finally persuades it to go to the castle in order to visit it there. When Siegfried arrives with the castle, one does not leave him inside. With the attempt to arrive but inside strength-shows off the gate of the castle damages. In order to pay the damage off, it must peel potatoes now in the kitchen. Also with this work it thinks only of Kriemhild and hopes to see it soon. When it arrives coincidentally at the tournament place of the lock, it must fight against Hagen, which defeated the there straight last participant of the tournament and whom therefore the hand Kriemhilds expects. But Siegfried defeats Hagen and Gunther, Kriemhilds brother, promises the new winner the hand of its sister. This is not inspired however by the decision, so that Gunter makes the condition that Siegfried procures marriage rings from Rhine gold.

On its search for this sayful treasure Alberich , a helper Hagens tries to murder Siegfried. By luck several notices fail, so that the hero returns to a short odyssey with the rings from the treasure, which was guarded by a kite. In its luggage is also a Drachenei, which he found in the cave. Kriemhild is once not again enthusiastically, speculated however on the remainder of the enormous gold treasure. She cannot imagine that someone could be so stupid and the rings carries forward, which remainder leaves however.

It comes out exactly however in time before the grinding so that Siegfried recognizes that Kriemhild separate nevertheless not the nice, desire-worth princess actual a gold-greedy and verschlagene Furie. In the end it by the kite, which would like to back-have its egg, “grilled” and Siegfried takes the kitchen assistance Anita to the woman.

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