Siegfried Esajas

Siegfried Willem (Wim) Esajas (* 16. April 1935; † 30. April 2005 in Paramaribo) was a Surinamese athlete. It was 1960 the first athlete in the history of its country, which in olympic plays participated.

Esajas was 800-Meter-Läufer. In the year 1960 it became over this distance of Netherlands masters. By only one year before the Surinaams taken up to the olympic family olympic Comité (SOC) was sent Esajas as only sportsmen to the olympic summer games to Rome, in order to represent the country for the first time there.

In the morning of the match day Esajas did not appear however at the start. It became later admits that he had overslept on this morning. The incident was presented to Suriname to a history for the media and still with the olympic summer games 1976 in Montreal with the invasion of the nations in the context of the opening celebration as the country, which had overslept its olympic premiere.

Esajas withdrew itself after the plays from Rome forbidding third from the achievement sport. It made its diploma as a flower breeder at the horticulture school in Deventer and developed themselves in this occupation an existence in its homeland.

On the occasion of its 70. Birthday in the April 2005, which Esajas in the hospital had to spend, it kept attendance olympic from representatives of the Surinaams to Comité. They communicated to it that in archives of the SOC a letter of Secretary-General at that time Fred Glans was found, in which it wrote that it had falsely communicated Esajas in Rome, its advance are on the afternoon shifted. Esajas was rehabilitated thereby. The Surinamese Secretary of Education walter Sandriman presented an honor for his life's work, the SOC chairman Gerhard van Dijk an olympic plaque to him.

Esajas could be pleased no longer for a long time about its rehabilitation. It died two weeks later in the hospital. The cause of death was not communicated.


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