Siegfried II. of Eppstein

Siegfried II. of Eppstein (* around 1165, † 9. September 1230 in Erfurt) from the sex of the Mr. von Eppstein was archbishop of Mainz and ore chancellor of the holy Roman realm.

Siegfried became as a second son Gerhards I. of Eppstein born. Already 1196 it had the Probsteien of pc. Gangolph (Mainz, since 1189), pc. Martin (Worms, since 1194 and pc. Peter (Mainz, since 1196).

After death archbishop of Konrad I. from Wittelsbach in October 1200 sat down of the majority of the Mainzer of cathedral chapter as a king recognized the Philipp of Swabia for the pilot fish gesinnten Wormser bishop Leopold II. of beautiful field (also: Luitpold of illusory field) as a new archbishop. The minority of the chapter selected however in being gene the candidate of the welfischen side, Siegfried from Eppstein to the new archbishop. With the help of Philipps it succeeded to Leopold to drive Siegfried out from being gene but this fled to Cologne where it with the Welfen allied themselves and immediately being gene and also Mainz conquered. At Christmas 1200 it crowned the Welfen Otto IV. to the thanks to the king.

Pope Innozenz III. recognized 1201 Otto as a king on and explained Siegfried as the legal archbishop of Mainz. But Philipp received as many trailers that after 1205 of a Königtum Otto no more speech could be, particularly since also Innozenz expressed itself in the meantime for the Staufer. This affected also the Pontifikat Siegfrieds as an archbishop. It could therefore not succeed in the diocese and went 1206 to Rome where it was active after some sources (however not completely occupied ) as cardinal priests at Santa Sabina. But to 21. June 1208 was murdered Philipp of Swabia in Bamberg. This did not leave pilotfishes opposition in the realm to collapse whereby also Leopold on the Mainzer archbishop chair to hold itself could. It left it therefore to Siegfried, which had returned in the same year as papal Legat from Rome. The aristocrats of Eppstein should occupy the ore chair in Mainz in the consequence until 1305 equal four times. Into this epoch fall high point and fall of the medieval emperor idea and the Interregnum.

After the emperor coronation/culmination of Otto IV. to 4. October 1209 broke out however immediately a controversy between the Pope and the new emperor, since this did not want to be done without as promised imperial rights and goods in Italy. Siegfried placed itself therefore against its going away of many years. 1212 he was raised to apostolischen Legaten and crowned the Staufer Friedrich II., for whose choice used itself to the emperor it, to 9. December 1212 in Mainz. As reaction to these „betrayal “arranged Otto IV. in the Main-hissed areas substantial destruction on. But Otto stood on lost post and became 1214 with Tournai of Friedrich II. and its French allied Philipp II. August struck. To 25. July 1215 it crowned Friedrich again in Aachen. Whether it wanted to participate in the crusade beginning immediately thereafter, is disputed. It stands firmly however that he never was in the holy country and that it 1215 on IV. Laterankonzil participated. it took 1220 also at the emperor coronation/culmination Friedrichs II. in Rome part. More important however an event was in April: Over the choice of its son Heinrich to intersperse ordered the king the Confoederatio cum principibus ecclesiasticis, which represented a serious restriction of king power and created so in principle the national gentleman system. Also the ore diocese Mainz profited of it. There Friedrich after 1220 for 15 years in Italy stayed and to the realm Weser used by it, the archbishop of Cologne Engelbert I., 1225 , Siegfried was already murdered could exert large influence on the realm politics in the consequence. At the controversy between Pope Gregor IX. and Friedrich did not take part it.

Siegfried died to 9. September 1230 in Erfurt and was buried in the there Marienkirche.

Its successor, that developed like he the national rule Mainz', was its nephew Siegfried III. of Eppstein.

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