Siegfried Lowitz

Siegfried Lowitz (* 22. September 1914 as Siegfried Wodolowitz in Berlin; † 27. June 1999 in Munich) was a German actor.

After the war Lowitz began 1946 in Munich in the Kabarett “the Schaubude “, there saw it to thatDirector and director Heinz Hilpert him to its Frankfurt theatres got. With Hilpert Lowitz went later to Konstanz and to Goettingen. From there it changed to Hans Schweikart to the residents of Munich chamber plays, whose ensemble member of many years remained he, until it could live as free lance actors.

It worked in the 1950er and 1960er years in numerous Edgar Wallace - filmings with: The Hexer (1964 with Joachim Fuchsberger), the frog with the mask, the counterfeiter of London and others

it received the golden camera to 1967.

Its most well-known role followed into thatYears after: it was Kriminalkommissar Erwin Köster in that Second Channel of German Television - series „the old person “. This part played it from 1977 - 1985 in 100 consequences.

Its second wife Marianne rehearses - marriage 1952 - was also as an actress active.

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  • Lowitz, Siegfried: Which for a life. 2000. 159 S. m. Photo. ISBN 3789280364

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