Sigrid Brunk

Sigrid Brunk (* 14. September 1937 in Braunschweig) is a German authoress.

Sigrid Brunk completed a study of the painting and worked thereafter as painter, Grafikerin and a decorator. Its Mentor max of Brod, with which she corresponded since 1955, energized it to the letter. Between 1967 and 1981 it predominantly published six novels and narration volumes, in those in precise, realistic way the everyday problems ofWoman figures to be described. Beside the erzählerischen work Brunk worked also for the television. It was distinguished 1977 with the Wilhelmine Luebke price and 1980 with a culture scholarship of Lower Saxony.


  • Irish narration, Munich 1967
  • single, a child, Stuttgart 1972
  • the nest, Cologne 1975
  • of the defeated ones, Cologne 1977
  • the Magier, Cologne 1979
  • flames, Cologne 1981


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