Sikorsky UH-60

UH-60L Black Hawk of US Army in the Iraq
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manufacturers: Sikorsky aircraft corporation
type: Middle transport helicopter
use: militärisch

Der UH-60 Black Hawk ist ein mittelschwerer Transporthubschrauber und wird seit 1978in verschiedenen, hauptsächlich militärischen Versionen vonthe US-American manufacturer Sikorsky aircraft corporation produces.

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history of the development

at the beginning of of 1970 needed US Army a replacement for the easy Mehrzweckhubschrauer Bell UH-1 Iroquois, which had worked in Viet Nam, but nevertheless several crucial lack, like the unsatisfactory self protection possibility and for some missions to small pay load had and Range.

The Army initiated therefore 1972 a competition for the construction of a moderately severe tactical transport helicopter. Out of this advertisement went in October 1974 the company Sikorsky with its model YUH-60 (first flight to 17. October 1974) against Boeing YUH-61 as winners out,with only insignificant changes as UH-60A the Black Hawk into series production to go could. 980 helicopters from 1978 to 1989 were delivered of this type to the Army, until the improved UH-60L replaced these.

A substantial criterion with the developmentthe Black Hawk was the ruggedness in combat. Practically the entire helicopter including the rotors is in such a way laid out that it can fulfill its order despite moderate bombardment from 23-mm-Kanonen still further. With loss of the main gear box oil pressure the Black Hawk can stillfly on up to one hour.

Black Hawk variants


at present the version assigned with US Army possesses ever 300 HP (220 KW) beside new, over uprated engines, a simplified target system for antitank guided missiles of the type AGM-114 Hellfire (not standard). Additionally to the rockets the helicopter can carry also for external tanks or throwers for unguided rockets at its suspension towers. The type name UH leads itself off from the classification utility Helicopter (see in addition: Designation name for aircraft of US armed forces).


the US military variants of the H-60 were extended by the series of the S-70 of derivatives, which are particularly intended for the international market. User of this version is the Austrian federal army, the Australian army, Saudi Arabia and furtherStates.

EH-60A Quick fixed

of the Quick fixed is equipped by US Airforce for the electronic conduct of operations with different jammers, in order to make hostile radio and radar ineffective.

SH-60B Sea Hawk

SH-60H Sea Hawkwith transport operations on the USS Nimitz
MH-60S Sea Hawk with transport operations on the USS Tarawa (LHA-1)

the Sea Hawk becomes of US Navy, the Royal Australian Navy as well as naval forces of Japan and Spain as onboard helicopter for tasks of transportation andfor the ship fight on frigates, cruisers and destroyers uses. It carries a APS-124 radar under the nose, left under the trunk a thrower for 25 sonar buoys, and a pulled detector of anomaly of magnet. It is armed with Penguin anti-ship rockets and torpedoes. ToDecrease of the necessary utility space on ships has the Sea Hawk an automatic rotor folding mechanism and a hinged tail.

SH-60F Sea Hawk

of the Sea Hawk is aircraft carrier - variant, which was developed from US Navy, was based around thoseto replace aging SH-3 Sea King. It does not have a search radar, is however equipped with a dipping sonar , a FLIR and a ESM. It serves Navy in US and in easily different version under the designation S-70C in Taiwan. Greece operatesa fleet from Hybrid-SH-60B/F-Sea Hawk. In the course of modernization measures also the SH-60 of the Navy is each other to be adapted and be equipped with a dipping sonar and a new APS-147-Radar.


of the MH-60R is a utility helicopter and unites the SH-60Band F. US Navy plans to replace all SH-60 until 2015 with the MH-60R.

MH-60S Naval Hawk

of the MH-60S combines the cell of the Black Hawk with the technology of the Sea Hawk. It is for the supplyintended by ships, Combat search and Rescue (CSAR), mine clearing operation and special operations. The Naval Hawk, with the Navy under the identification Sea Hawk becomes led beside the MH-60R of the utility helicopters of US Navy.


of the HH-60H is inonboard multi-purpose helicopter with the cell of the Sea Hawk for supplying flights, SAR of employments, MedEvac and employments against surface goals. As arming Hellfire or FIM-92 Stinger rockets are available. With the introduction of the Naval Hawk this variant becomes from US Navydisappear.

HH-60 MedEvac

is a modified variant of the UH-60 to medical transport (MedEvac). Equipped with 6 stretchers, medical equipment and an escape rope hoist. In the version Q a FLIR view system and a TACAN navigation system was built.

HH-60J Jayhawk

HH-60J Jayhawk

the United States Coast Guard operates a fleet of 42 Jayhawks, which replaced the older Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican. The helicopters become for search and rescue missions (English. Search and Rescue SAR), to Drug fight and to the water protection along the US-American coasts assigned.

HH-60 Pave Hawk

HH-60G Pave Hawk of US air Force used in
the Iraq MH-60 K Black
Hawk AH-60 L Direct Action Penetrator (DAP

) with the national guard and thatAir Force reserve serves the Pave Hawk as Rettungshubschrauber for SAR employments. With US air Force it is used additionally for CSAR missions and for the transport of special troops (Pararescue Jumper , Navy SEALs). For these tasks is the HH-60G extended-range and achievement and with a hear-safe satellite interphone equipped.

By its Doppler IN the navigation system, Honeywell AN/APN-239 weather/terrain-following radar and a Raytheon AN/AAQ-16 FLIR view system he is fully night operation and all-weathersuited. Depending upon order it can at on-board contactor places alsoa M134 /GAU-2B * (7.62 mm) Gatling or a M60D (7.62 mm) machine gun and additionally at the doors with a GAU-16A/GAU-18A * (12.7 mm) machine gun, installed on a M-144 slewable device for self-defense to be armed.

In the front range is it onfor air refuelings necessary the refueling probe and at the lower surface identifiable by the attached salvage hook. The newest version HH-60G block 162 possesses a modified Chaff/Flare Dispenser (decoy plant) and a revised navigation and communication system. The radar moved from left down inthe center, like with the MH-60K Black Hawk. In the year 1992 all MH-60G in HH-60G was renamed. </br> * (designations: US ARMY/US AIR FORCE)

MH-60 Black Hawk

assigned in 2 variants of the 160th SOAR to the transport of special-purpose forces. The variant KAN/ARN-148 omega/VLF navigation system, AN/APQ-174B terrain subsequent radar, FLIR display terminal, IR breakdown equipment, M-130 Chaff/Flare Dispenser, sight for laser, and wire deflector is equipped with an air refueling probe, points for external Treibstofftanks, multi-function screens. The variant L is a more economical version without air refueling probe and with weather radar. For on-board contactorsis available for each side a M60D machine gun or M134 Gatling.

AH-60L Direct Action Penetrator (DAP)

develops 1990 from the MH-60L as combat helicopter for the 160th SOAR. It can at its weapon stations depending upon order with one30 mm of automatic cannon M230, unguided rockets, 40mm garnet thrower, M-134 Gatling and machine guns by the caliber of 7.62 mm to be equipped. It is used for setting from troops off in strongly defended target areas and for fire support, whereby fire support is the center of attention to major task andis.

VH-60 White Hawk

US navy Corps uses the Black Hawk as VIP helicopter, mainly for persons like US presidents. In the case of the transport of the president it carries the call signal navy One.

UH-60 Firehawk

of the Firehawk is a civil version, which is used in the USA for forest fire fighting. The machine has a 3800 litre seizing water tank under the trunk and a suction trunk, in order to fill this. The modifications for the water tank preservedaround 50cm increased chassis necessarily. An advantage during the fire fighting with the Firehawk is beside the admission of fire fighting water the possibility to set also 13 men a strong fire-brigade team off with the fire of being able, if the water tank is not fully filled.

Admitsbecame the Black Hawk among other things by the film Black Hawk down from Ridley Scott, which was based on a true occurence in Mogadischu , Somalia. 1993 was shot during the operation Irene two MH-60L with antitank defense shells, which in thatConsequence to bloody road fights between hundreds Somali militias and 99 entrenchd US Army Ranger led. At the time the partly secret variant was MH-60L in the use, and both helicopters had, there neither technically nor tactically a practicable chance on salvageexisted to be blown up.

technical data of the model UH-60L

dimensions UH60L
tear design UH-60A
  • engine: two turbines (turbo-prop.) T700-GE-701C of General Electric with for each 1960PS (1444 KW)
  • Hilfstriebwerk APU: Turbo-Mach T-62T-40-1 with 91PS (67kW)
  • speed inCruising: 240km/h (130 kts)
  • max. ones. Speed in the horizontal flight: 296km/h (160 kts)
  • maximum speed (Vne): 361 km/h (195 kts)
  • service ceiling: 5840 m
  • max. ones. Rate of climb: 11,43 m/sek
  • max. ones. Hovering flight height in the ground effect: 5550 m
  • max. ones. Hovering flight height without ground effect: 4400 m
  • fuel consumption:on the average 10.5 l/min.
  • range and flight duration with internal fuel (1361 l): 550 km, and/or 130 min
  • ranges and flight duration with auxiliary tanks:
  • 2 auxiliary tanks ever 870 l: 1185 km, and/or 290 min
  • 4 auxiliary tanks ever 870 l: 1759 km, and/or 460min
  • 4 auxiliary tanks, 2 ever 870 l, 2 ever 1703 l: approx. 2037 km, and/or 620 min
  • operatings temperature: +51°C to -55° C
  • fuselage length: 15.26 m
  • length over everything: 19.76 m
  • trunk height: 2.35 m
  • height over everything: 5.33 m
  • rotor diameters:16.36 m
  • tail rotor diameters: 3.35 m
  • unloaded weight: 5224 kg
  • of max. ones. Takeoff weight: 9980 kg
  • of max. ones. Takeoff weight with external load: 10,660 kg
  • of max. ones. Takeoff weight with external load and auxiliary tank: 11,110 kg
  • of max. ones. External load: 4050 kg (with kerosene for 20 min)
  • all dataISA (= internationally standard Atmosphere) conditions

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