Silke Andrea Schuemmer

Silke Andrea Schuemmer (* 20. June 1973 in Aachen) is a German authoress, a Kunsthistorikerin and a free lady journalist. It studied 1992 to 2001 in Aachen history of art, Germanistik and philosophy and attained a doctorate 2002 over Maria Lassnig. Life companion since 1994: Marcus Jensen. Schuemmer writes novels, narrations, lyric poetry and essay.



  • Hattinger promotion price for recent literature 1993
  • residence scholarship of the culture senate Berlin in the literary Colloquium Berlin 1994
  • author workshop film script letter, catholic medium academy Ludwigshafen 1994
  • work scholarship of the ministry for education and cultural North-Rhine/Westphalia 1995
  • scholarship house of artists Ahrenshoop 1996
  • foglio literary award 1996
  • residence scholarship in the house of artists Lukas in Ahrenshoop 1996
  • Christine Lavant Förderpreis for lyric poetry, wolf mountain (A) 1997
  • culture promotion price of the city Selm 1997
  • Stadtschreiberin of Otterndorf 1998
  • George Christoph Lichtenberg price for literature 1999
  • burr moving price 2000
  • Springorum Denkmünze the RWTH Aachen 2002
  • literary award of the academy Graz (A) 2003
  • walter Serner - price of the broadcast Berlin Brandenburg 2005

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