Silke Lichtenhagen

Silke Lichtenhagen (* 20. November 1973 in Leverkusen) is a German light athlete and Olympiateilnehmerin, who were successful as Kurzsprinterin into the 1990er years.

Their largest successes were into the 4x100-Meter-Staffel the bronze medal with the world championship 1995 (together with Melanie Paschke, Silke Knoll and Gabriele Becker) and the gold medal with the athlete IC European championship 1994 (together with Melanie Paschke, Bettina Zipp and Silke Knoll). With the olympic plays the relay unfortunately fewer luck had 1996 in Atlanta and separated due to a change error in the advance.

As the largest single success it could obtain a 4.Platz over 200m apart from numerous half final placements with WM and EM with the athlete IC resounding world championships 1995.

Silke Lichtenhagen started for the TSV Bavarian Leverkusen (coach: Manfred finch (1988-1994) and Wolfgang Thiele (1995-1998)). In its active time it was 1.74 meters large and weighed 54 kg.

  • Their Bestzeiten:
60m: 7.23 sec. (1997)
100m: 11.24 sec. (1996)
200m: 22.73 sec. (1994)

After numerous injuries it terminated its sporty career in the summer 2002 finally.


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