Silke scrubbing man

Silke scrubbing man (* 15. June 1973 in Karlsruhe) is a German authoress.


Silke scrubbing man studied theatre and literature sciences in Frankfurt/Main, Leipzig and Paris. After it published its first poems in literature magazines, the Suhrkamp brought - publishing house 2001 to their first Lyrikband under the title “the day at that the sea gulls sang zweistimmig” out. In the same year it received the Leonce and Lena price for its work in Darmstadt. 2004 followed the second volume under the title “the most tender point in the universe”.

Beside its lyric work she pursues also the work on Prosawerken. The Frankfurt Schöffling - publishing house published 2005 telling volume under the title “realms girls”.

2005 were active it as Dresden Stadtschreiberin. In Karlsruhe you were lent in February 2006 the Hermann Hessian Förderpreis.

Silke scrubbing man lives in Frankfurt/Main.


the female main persons of their works are women with a feminine Ennui the life opposite, rich girls.

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