Silly Symphonies

the Silly Symphonies are a set of Zeichentrickfilmen, which from 1928 to 1939 in the Studio of roll Disney were produced.

After the success of the Micky mouse - films brought roll Disney and the composer Carl Stalling 1928 this row into being. The name suggests already Carl Stallings project assigning to the music in the Cartoons a greater importance. A frequent topic of the early films are dances or singing, e.g. already the first Silly Symphony: The Skeleton thanks (1929).

The Silly Symphonies did not have firm main persons and served rolls Disney as experimentation field. In this row Disney produced its first Trickfilme in color (Flowers and Trees, 1932) and set for the first time the multi-plan camera (The old Mill, 1937), with which a more realistic impression could be obtained by picture depth. Disney with this row could win a OSCAR

the concept also by other Trickfilm Studios was taken up several times, among other things of Warner Bros. (Merry Melodies and Looney Tunes) and MGM (Happy Harmonies).



  • The Skeleton thanks
  • El Terrible Toreador
  • jumping time
  • Hell's Bells
  • The Merry Dwarfs

of 1930

  • buzzers
  • Autumn
  • Cannibal Capers
  • Night
  • Frolicking fish
  • Arctic Antics
  • of avoiding rivets in A Toy Shop
  • Monkey Melodies
  • winter
  • Playful Pan


  • Birds OF A Feather
  • Goose Melodies The
  • China Plate The
  • Busy Beavers Egyptian
  • Melodies The
  • Clock net curtain The
  • Spider and the Fly The
  • Ugly Duckling 1932


  • Bird net curtain The
  • Bears and Bees Flowers
  • and Trees (OSCAR winner) Just
  • Dogs King
  • Neptune of nose
  • in Love Babes
  • into the Woods Santa's
  • Workshop 1933


  • into the jump MON ago
  • Father Noah's Ark
  • The Three Little Pigs (OSCAR winner)
  • old King Cole
  • Lullaby country
  • The Pied Piper
  • The Night Before Christmas


  • The To China Shop
  • The grass hopper and the Ants
  • Funny Little Bunnies
  • The bend bath wolf
  • the intelligent small hen (The meadow Little Hen)
  • The Flying Mouse
  • Peculiar Penguins
  • The Goddess OF jump


  • Tortoise and the shed (OSCAR winner)
  • The Cookie Carnival
  • The golden Touch
  • The Robber cements
  • Water babies
  • Who keel Kiel Cock Robin?
  • Music country
  • Three Orphan of cementing (OSCAR winner)
  • Cock o' the mill
  • Broken Toys


  • Elmer Elephant
  • Three Little Wolves
  • Toby Tortoise Returns
  • Three blindly Mousketeers
  • The Country cousin (OSCAR winner)
  • MON ago Pluto
  • More of cementing


  • Woodland cafe
  • Little Hiawatha
  • The old Mill (OSCAR winners)


  • Moth and the Fleming
  • Wynken, Blynken and Nod
  • farm yard Symphony
  • Merbabies
  • MON ago Goose Goes Hollywood


  • The Ugly Duckling (OSCAR winner)

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