Simeon Sakskoburggotski

Simeon II., also Simeon or Simon of Saxonia Coburg Gotha and/or. Simeon Sakskoburggotski (Bulgarian СимеонБорисовСакскобургготски; * 16. June 1937 in Sofia) was the last Bulgarian Zar (set off after referendum 1946) and was from 2001 to 2005 Prime Minister that Republic of Bulgaria.

Simeon Sakskoburggotski


Simeon is the son of Zar Boris III. and the Zarin Giovanna Isabella (1907-2000), daughter Viktor Emanuels III. of Italy.

After the sudden death of its father to 28. It , straight 6-jährig, the throne mounted August 1943.

Since it was still under age, his uncle prince Kyril (1895-1945) led the Regierungsgeschäfte. During the communist Putsches to 9. Septembers 1944 were executed Kyril and most members of its government, however Simeon remained further Zar.

One 1946 held referendum led to the abolishment of the monarchy andthe Zarenfamilie forced to the escape.

Simeon went first with his sister Maria Luisa and its nut/mother to Alexandria into Egypt, where already Giovannas father, who lived Italian king Viktor Emmanuel, in the exile.

In July 1951 the Spanish government under the dictator granted Francisco Franco the ex monarch asylum. In Madrid Simeon visited the Lycée Français.

1958 - 1959 it visited the Valley Forge Military Academy in the USA.

1962 married Simeon the Spanish noble Doña Margarita Gómez Acebo y Cejuela. The pair has five children: four sons and oneDaughter. Its son Kyrill Sakskoburggotski became an economic adviser of the Bulgarian president Petar Stojanow (1997-2002).

Of 25. May to 16. June 1996 returned Simeon Sakskoburggotski for the first time to nearly 50-jährigem exile to Bulgaria.

2001 it created the national movement Simeon II (NDSV) and stepped toParliamentary election to 17. June 2001 on. After a landslide-like victory it became to 24. July of 2001 prime ministers.

He is thereby the only set off monarch of the history, which in a democratic choice political power regained.

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