Simon Gfeller

Simon Gfeller (* 8. April 1868 in Trachselwald; † 8. January 1943 in Sumiswald) was a Emmentaler dialect poet.

Simon Gfeller am 8.10.1903, Porträt von R. Münger
Simon Gfeller to 8.10.1903, haven-guesses/advises from R. Münger

was born it in the Zuguet, a single yard, which belonged to the municipality Trachselwald. It buildup in simple rural conditions. To the school it went into the school building Thal in the dry ditch. Starting from 1884 it completed the training as the teacher at the seminars in Munich book lake and Hofwil. it began to inform 1887 as teachers in the village Green matt. it changed 1896 into the school on the Egg in Lützelflüh, which it led together with his Mrs. Meta Gfeller. More it worked than thirty years there than teachers. 1902 it accepted the minister and writer Emanuel Friedli in its house. The two became close friends.

1910 appeared its first book Heimisbach, a novel from that rural lives in which it decided against the drunkenness craze occurred. The book became a large success. It was the first novel in the Emmentaler dialect. 1914 it published its first writing-German book, stories from the Emmental. 1929 could be retired Gfeller, in order to have more time to the letter.

1934 were lent to it of the University of Berne . After its death to 8. January 1943 it was buried beside the graves by Jeremias Gotthelf and Emanuel Friedli at the sun side of the church Lützelflüh.

Into its novel Heimisbach described Gfeller the Heimisbach so accurately that easily it showed itself that it concerned those the landscape dry ditch. In the dog first birthday of the poet, 25 years after its death, the valley shank dry ditch changed for their name officially in Heimisbach around the popular and well-known poet in honours.

Like its model, the Jeremias Gotthelf likewise working in Lützelflüh, described Gfeller in its books the rural life highly detailed and realistically. However without the large, epische courses Gotthelfs. Not without, however with substantially less morally, theological excursions. This might be also a reason that Gfeller became substantially more popular already lifetimes in the Emmental than Gotthelf.

Beside in stadtbernischen dialect writing the Rudolf of Tavel Gfeller became one of the most successful dialect writers of Switzerland. Its works are presented and in Switzerland actual Longsellern became again and again new.


  • 1910 Heimisbach. Fig. u bending starting fromnesses US em Bureläbe. Novel
  • 1914 stories from the Emmental
  • 1918 at the Hag noh
  • 1920 stony ways. Stories from the Bernbie t
  • 1927 Ämmegrund. Mundartgschichte
  • 1931 Drätti, Müetti u dr Chlyn. Fig. US myr Buebezyt
  • 1937 Seminarzyt. Chrütli u Uchrütli US eme Jugetgarte
  • 1941 Eichbüehlersch. E Wägstrecki Bureläbtig
  • 1942 Landbärner

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