Simon Pierro

Simon Pierro, deutscher Zauberkünstler
Simon Pierro, German charm artist

Simon Pierro (* 2. October 1978 in Ettlingen, Germany) is a German charm artist.

It is considered as prominent representatives magic circles of Germany of the registered association. and the sign of the so-called “Stuttgart school” is of Eberhard giant.

Pierro developed a new kind of charm art, which functions faraway the old plate of the charm artist with Frack and cylinder with modern elements of the Popkultur. With the Bühnenzaubershow: 'The American Dream - from the plate scrubber to the Millionär' it created it within shortest time all most important praising and honors of the charm art to achieve: It German master, vice-world champion of the FISM and at the beginning of of 2004 got it by Siegfried & Roy in read Vegas personally a Award lent.

2002 he besides to the Magier of the yearly was selected, which before him charm sizes likewise reached such as Siegfried & Roy and David Copperfield.

Franc Elstner became attentive to its charm arts and since 2005 is it now the new bait in the pool of broadcasting corporations - television broadcast understanding you fun.


  • of German masters of the charm art
  • vice-world champion general magic
  • coup de Coeur - Monte Carlo Magic of star
  • golden one of rings of Lausanne
  • Magier of the yearly 2002
  • Siegfried & Roy - Award
  • Mandrakes d'Or - Award 2005

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