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a Skyship 600 starts the Skyship

600 to the round travel is a civilian percussion airship, which is predominantly used apart from Luftwerbung for passenger round travels. It became into the 1980ern from its predecessor model, which SkyShip develops 500 out.

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1993 had also the British Ministry of Defense a Skyship 600 from Westinghouse Airships, Inc. bought. It was baptized on the name “Prince OF Wales”. It should be used among other things for monitoring purposes over the Northern Ireland conflict. Plans saw purchasing at that time forwards up to four Skyships.

To 6. August 1998 set up the airship N602SK with 14 hours and 8 minutes an official FAI - to world record for percussion airships of all sizes. It held up to 15. September 2004, when it was over-bid of a Lightship A-150. In September 1990 a Skyship was 600 pilotiert of David Burns, however unofficially, already for 52 hours in air.

A Skyship 600 is regular since 2002 for the enterprise Skycruise Switzerland in Switzerland, at the Bodensee in the use. The ships of the company are used however also for tasks of monitoring. While the olympic summer games 2004 in Athens there two Skycruise Skyships 600 were stationed.

Also the Cargolifter AG possessed a Skyship 600B (N 602 CL, and/or. D-LCLA). It had been bought in England and in the Cargolifterhalle with Berlin regenerated for the pilot training and for some test flights was used. It carried „Charly for the pointed names “and after the insolvency to the Swiss Skycruise was transferred.

After at present in accordance with conditions last built Skyship 600B was baptized on the nameSantos Dumont “(N606SA). It was manufactured in Weeksville /USA, Erstflug was to 18. January 2002. It was built for a French customer. The Porsche engines of the earlier models became by Textron Lycoming - engines IO-540 with ever 220 KW (300 HP) replaces, which along-swivel themselves directly behind the propellers and no more within in the cab to find now and. FAA certifying took place to 23.12.2002. The covering became from TCOM L.P. manufactured and a volume of 6800 m has ³, which became passenger capacity increased on up to 13. In September 2003 the ship should go into a three-month attempt enterprise for the US Navy into south California, with which above all monitoring activities (LAX - system) to be rehearsed should.

About over the turn of the century to at least in the year 2003 inside worked the Airship management service, and/or. Global Skyship Industries at an increased successor, the SkyShip 1000. Afterwards no further details are well-known over the conditions of the work, for the building of a such ship came it so far (September. 2005) not. This concerns civilian folders of the military Sentinel 1000 - project from the 1990ern with place for up to 24 passengers.

SkyShips 600

  • 600-01, first flight: March 1984
  • 600-02, first flight: September 1985
  • 600-03, first flight: July 1985
  • 600-04, first flight: June 1986
  • 600-05, first flight: November 1986
  • 600-06, first flight: February 1987
  • 600-07, first flight: August 1987

(source: Airshipsonline)

Akutelle Skyship 600 (incompletely):

  • G-SKSG end of the 1980er England and the USA with verscheidnen advertising banners
  • G-SKSC 1990 over England
  • N601SK Skycruise - Blimp 2004 to Mexico transferred, before Cargolifter D-LCLA
  • N602SK is transferred of N610SK at the end of as Fuji Blimp in the USA stationed (
  • conditions 2005) January 2003 of Miami into the Dominican republic, should round flights make there
  • for HB-QIZ, in former times registered as N605SK flies for the Swiss Skycruise (conditions 2005)
  • N606SA “Santos Dumont “, Skyship 600B, built to Weeksville /USA, Erstflug to 18. January 2002. In September 2003 the ship should go into a three-month attempt enterprise for the US Navy into south California.

technical data Skyship 600

  • length: 61 m
  • height: 20.3 m
  • broad: 19.2 m
  • volume: 7200 m ³ helium
  • of passengers: up to 12 + captain and copilot
  • cruising speed: approx. 72 km/h
  • maximum speed: approx. 105 km/h
  • travel height: about 300 to 1000 m
  • service ceiling: about 2100 m
  • range: about 640 km
  • drive: two Porsche 930 turbo engines with ever 188 KW (255 HP)
  • fuel: AvGas 100 LL, 800 l Krafstoffvorrat on board
  • covering material: Tedlar laminate


  • Length: 11.6 m
  • broad: 2.6 m
  • head liberty: 1.9 m
  • toilet available


  • 20 persons inclusive Pilot, mechanic, electrician, soil crew etc.

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