a Slogan (dt. [ˈsloːgn̩], English. [ˈsləʊgən]) is a einprägsamer saying. Slogans are used for example in the advertisement. The Slogan is to obtain an advertising statement in compact form. Frequently the term Claim is synonymously used.The Claim is to summarize however in relation to the Slogan rather the core characteristics of a product.

The designation Slogan is derived from the Scottish gälischen sluagh ghairm (expressed slogoam), which means as much as war shouting or battle call.

Often the Slogan consists of a triad (threeWords), which remembers particularly well, like z. B. with most large insurance companies.

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an effective Slogan usually follows several of the following guidelines:

  • He speaks ofthe advantages, which the product or the mark for the buyer has.
  • He formulates a difference between the product and competition products.
  • It makes a simple, direct, concise, knackige and appropriate statement.
  • It is funny, if the product fits.
  • Itsomething personal and special has actually.
  • It obtain a reliable and descriptive impression of the product.
  • It gives a good feeling to the consumer.
  • It brings the consumers to feel a desire or a need.
  • It embodies itself in the memory -by klangliche means, which originate usually from the classical Rhetorik or the Dichtkunst like all iteration (” request a bit! “; ” Mummy makes' s with Miele “; ” Because I am worth it to me “), Assonanz (” if' s around money goes… “), Reim (” Haribo makes children glad “; ” So near,as was one there “; ” 3 - 2 - 1 - meins! “), triad and/or. Three-rhythm (” those do which “; ” Request a bit! “).
  • It embodies itself in the memory - by Neologismen (” Unkaputtbar “,” lot Wochos “), wordplays (” thirst is water soluble “) or sense plays such as metaphor (” Cometon Marlboro Country “), Oxymoron (” today a king “; ” Technology for falling in love “) or paradox (” not always, but ever more frequently “; ” Only nothing buy is more inexpensive “).
  • It embodies itself in the memory - by combination with optical and acoustic attractions such as pictures, Jingles or film sequences.


  • 5 on the day
  • 3 - 2 - 1 - meins!
  • Ask a bit!
  • Come ton Marlboro Country
  • king of the beers
  • Haribo makes children glad and arises `ne just as
  • here is I correctly
  • Kraft by joy
  • achievementfrom passion
  • mummy macht's with Miele
  • anything is not not possibly
  • is our success so
  • close to service, as if one was there
  • Unkaputtbar
  • insurance, precaution, fortune
  • projection/lead by technology
  • because I it me is worth
  • Wenn's around money goes: Savings bank
  • live you stillor you live high
  • its, its, terror must thereby be [to work on
] see already

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