of these articles treats the type of boat and/or. the Takelungsart Slup, for the municipality of the same name in Tschechien, see Slup (Mähren).

A Slup (plural: Slups, English.: sloop, flatly: Schlup) is a sailing boat with an individual mast, a Vorsegel (B) anda main gel (A). The term designates today the kind of sails, during it in former times generally for smaller vessels (e.g. Schaluppe was used).

As main or grosssegel with modern Slups a triangular high gel (Bermudarigg or Marconirigg) is usually getakelt, with traditional Seglern,as to CBM-Jolle built today, one finds still the trapezoidal Gaffelsegel.

The triangular Vorsegel is either a Fock or Genova, which has more sail surface. On larger yachts one finds also both Vorsegel at the same time than roll Fock or roll Genova fastened, whereby inhowever in each case a sail one sets for the rule. (A sail yacht with two Vorsegeln is a Kutter.)

additional can be driven on a Slup also still the ballonförmige Spinnaker.

The Bermudarigg became generally accepted with modern sailing boats and yachts starting from approximately 1950, because itin the comparison to the Gaffeltakelung of fewer elements has and therefore more simply to serve is. In addition one can with the Bermudarigg more highly to the wind, i.e. in a more pointed vienna gel against the wind drive.

See also: Sloop for the designation of naval vehicles not classified more near inthe English navy, those their origin in warships 17 Slup getakelten. Century have.


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