Snowy Mountains

the Snowy Mountains (“Snowies”, in German sometimes also Australian alps) form the highest mountains of the continent Australia, the largest mountains of the State of Australia and cover its highest mountain Mount Kosciuszko with 2228 meters and. NN inKosciuszko national park.


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valley (no meaning) Dam, Snowy Mountains Scheme the Snowy Moutains, southwest from Canberra in the southeast of Australia in the Federal States. The Snowy Mountains is part of the Great Dividing rank,the coastal mountains, which from the north Queensland pulls itself the east coast down until Victoria. The highest collections exceed over the forest border. Several seas witness from powerful glaciers, which covered the mountains during the ice ages. Into the Snowy Mountains risethe rivers Snowy River, Murrumbidgee and Murray, which accommodate some the oldest well-known organisms. On their banks lived for over 20,000 years Aborigines.

The research began 1835. Admits became the Snowies by a dam project, the SnowyMountains Scheme. It concerns thereby a dam project of the Snowy River, which both drinking water and electricity for Canberra should guarantee. 1949 were begun with the project, employed for this 100,000 people, by those two thirds from 30other countries came. Socially this epoch for Australia marked a developing of a “pot”, which changed on the one hand of Australia a character and promoted on the other hand its opening for other cultures.

1974 had been built for 145 km tunnelled route and 80 km of aquaducts, those16 dams, 7 power stations (of it 2 underground) and a pumping station interconnected.1967 classified the American Society OF Engineers the Snowy Scheme as from seven engineering miracles of the modern world. Although the principles of the hydraulic electricity are simple, was this project a milestone in of Australia industrieller and cultural development in 20. Century.

On 140 days in the year snow covers the summits. Today the Snowies is the center of of Australia winter tourism. Well-known winter sports places are Thredbo, caseCreek and Mount Hotham. The winter sports season lasts from June to Octobers.


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