Socks (Sweden)

socks is the Swedish word for Kirchspiel and originally designated the smallest territorial church unit in Sweden. The church organization into Kirchspiele became in 12. and 13. Century made and is partly based on older, pre-Christian territorial units.

The Kirchspiele transferred already during the Middle Ages non-church functions of the administration, to 17. Century were expanded. Resolution-seizing organ was the municipality meeting, on schwed. sockenstämma mentioned, their chairman a minister was.

1843 were made a separation between church and civilian administration, as the local council (sockenstämma) treated the civil affairs and a church advice (kyrkoråd) church Angelegeheneiten. In the municipality reform of 1862 this separation was strengthened finally, as the civil administration of the newly formed land municipality (landskommun) became to transfer, during for which church administration the church municipality (församling) was formed.

In the municipality reform of 1952 this organization was finally waived. In the today's administrative language becomes now i.d.R. församling as name for the church municipality used, but the word kept socks for the designation of the old territorial units.


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