Sojamilch is a vegetable beverage made of soy beans. Their structure resembles that the cow's milk, in which nutrition can they veganen therefore the cow's milk replace. Sojamilch is manufactured by a switches and Pürieren of the dried yellow soy bean. In Germany Sojamilch in the trade may be sold only as Sojadrink. In the USA the designation “ Soy is however permissible milk”.

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around Sojamilch manufacturing, must the dried yellow soy beans first about 8-10 hours be eingeweicht. The beans are finished for subsequent treatment, if they are about twice as large as in the dried condition and can easily in the center be divided. The beans are now sieved, rinsed off and püriert as finely as possible then. In order to remove the still existing digest-restraining poison materials from the milk, the Pürree is given to cooking water and cooked for approximately 20 minutes. The cooked mixture is filtered and cooled down afterwards as fast as possible. The ballast-material-rich Sojakuchen stays in the filter.

Sojamilch, in addition, grain milk such as rice or oats milk as well as nut milk, can be manufactured with so-called Sojamilchbereitern (also Sojamilchmaschine or Sojamilchautomat) comfortably. A Sojamilchbereiter provided from eingeweichten or uneingeweichten soy beans and water in approx. 15-20 minutes a Sojamilch. The soy beans are cut up several times during the procedure, and the milk is boiled up. So the Sojamilch even manufactured can be processed then still depending upon taste, approximately to Tofu or Sojajoghurt, or the Sojamilch is converted simply with fruits (banana, strawberry etc.) to a mixing beverage.

The prices of the Sojamilchbereiter for the Heimgebrauch lie between 100 € and 250 € (depending upon program selection, amount of filling, heating type).

Industrielle production

in the case of the industriellen production of Sojamilch is püriert the eingeweichte soy bean directly in the a soft liquid, which is then abgesiebt and afterwards 10 seconds on 135°C to 150°C is heated up.

Nährwert and taste

both the Nährwerte and the taste of Sojamilch differ from sort to sort very strongly. Thus there are sorts, which have quite strong the typical Sojageschmack and others, which taste for example very similar as cow's milk. The content of protein, coal hydrates and fat can lie depending upon sort under or over the value with cow's milk. With the contained protein it however always concerns Sojaeiweiss, which exhibits just as high bio-availability as animal protein, since it contains all eight essential amino acids in favorable composition. Many Sojamilchsorten is besides calcium and Vitamin B12 added.

The Sojamilch represents a regular value food unequalled in the Pflanzenreich. It contains high-quality protein and valuable vital materials. Sojamilch is richly rich at several times insatiated fatty acids, at proteins (approx. 35%), trace elements and contain all 8 essential amino acids. It is besides easily digestible and works in the body basic.


Sojajoghurt is similar, to the yogurt made of cow's milk, a fermentiertes product of Sojamilch. It is in the Veganen kitchen a popular alternative to yogurt from animal milk.

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