The solo

word solo one (Italian: however) designates:

  1. in the music a passage, in which a single voice or a single instrument with or without company steps out, see colloquial to solo one (music
  2. ) humans without a dear partnership, see to single (way of life)
  3. a climbing without aids, see To Free solo one
  4. with some packs of cards a certain kind of play, see solo play
  5. a Patiencespiel, see to Patience
  6. a pack of cards, see SOLO ONE (pack of cards)
  7. German engine manufacturer, the SOLO fractional horsepower motors GmbH
  8. a brand name for paper goods (Toilettenpapier, household roles) of the Discounters Aldi

the following geographical objects carry the name solo one:

  1. Solo one,a city on Java
  2. solo one, a river on Java
  3. solo one, a mountain in the Anden
this side is a term clarifying for the distinction of several terms named the same word.

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