Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi (सोनियागांधी), geb. Sonia Maino, (* 9. December 1946 in Lusiana with Vicenza, Italy) is an Indian politician and president of the Indian congress party. The native Italian was wife of the murdered Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and had alsoChances on this office, without which she did however.


Sonia Gandhi 1998
Sonia Gandhi 1998

as a daughter-in-law Indira Gandhis was it, contrary to the woman of the Sanjay Gandhi , the obedient and respectful daughter-in-law had an accident early, who respects the Indian traditions.

After the murdertheir man with an election campaign speech to regional elections in south India to 21. May 1991 by an explosive notice of the rebel organization liberation of tiger OF Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which for the establishment of an independent Tamilen of state in Sri Lanka fights, took over it only the traditional role of a widow, thosein order its man mourns and began themselves only carefully politically to engage to follow despite the call from parts of the population, its man in the office of the prime minister. It waited some years, in which it became the grey Eminenz of the congress party, to it then in the year 1998officially the political scene entered, which took over and finally as the candidate for the office of the Prime Minister explained themselves guidance of the congress party as new chairmen.

Not least because of their surname it succeeded to attract and so their party revitalisieren their humans in great quantities. With the elections 1999she achieved a mandate in the parliament and became the opposition guide in the Indian national congress.

It remained a something nevertheless geheimnisumwitterte personality and the opposition, mainly in form of the Bharatiya Janata party, reminded again and again of the fact that it had not come as an foreigner to India andliquid Hindi to speak could (this, like probably it it substantially better speaks than their man, its mother-in-law Indira Gandhi and their father Jawaharlal Nehru), until she did not occur her the policy, whereby you were more or less subordinated, had except her surname any qualifications forthe office desired. Therefore it is called of its opponents even Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi.

In its election campaign it placed again and again the vision of a Shining India (“ radiating India”), lying allegedly in range, in question and knows on the broad social classes, thosefrom the boom of the last years like the Indian middle class to profit could not.

Sonia Gandhi places itself, like the congress party altogether, against the often over-foaming Hindu nationalism. Many their few granted privilege voters probably see it as the Aussenseiterin, those by patience, persistence and the protection of the traditionalRules finally nevertheless its goal reached.

After the Indian parliamentary election in May 2004, which brought an unexpected victory to the congress party, it had been acted first as a Prime Minister. To 18. May 2004 did it surprisingly without this posts. To 23. March 2006 put it to itParliament mandate down, after it stood already longer time because of at present, a paid public part-time work than chairmen of the national advisor advice, inadmissible for members of parliament, in the criticism - not only the opposition -.

Its son Rahul Gandhi was selected 2004 in the parliament and its daughter Priyanka Gandhitheir Wahlkampfmanagerin was in the same year.

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