Sonja foot

Sonja foot (* 5. November 1978 in Bonn) is a successful German Fussballspielerin. The Abwehrspielerin is active since 1992 in the woman federal league and since 1996 in the woman national team.

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sporty career

association football

Sonja foot spent the largest part of its career at the sports association green white Brauweiler, which renamed itself in the year 2000 into the FFC Brauweiler Pulheim 2000.

As a student it played between timely for the team of the hard Fords University in the US Federal State Connecticut.

2004 changed it to the FSV Frankfurt. Starting from February 2005 it played with the 1. FFC turbine potsdam, in order to return after one season to FFC Brauweiler Pulheim 2000.


  • German Meisterin 1997 with the sports association green white Brauweiler
  • German Pokalsiegerin 1997 with the sports association green white Brauweiler
  • UEFA Women's Cup - Siegerin 2005

national team

your first international match denied it 1996 against the Netherlands.

It became Europameisterin 1997und 2005 and stood in the eleven, which became 2003 world champions.

Sonja foot achieved the bronze medal with the olympic plays in Athens 2004.


  • World champion 2003
  • Europameisterin 1997 and 2005
  • bronze medal with Olympia 2004

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