Sonja Henie

Olympische Ringe
ice art running
gold 1928 ladies
gold 1932 ladies
gold 1936 ladies
during the olympic winter plays 1924
Sonja Henie

Sonja Henie (* 8. April 1912 in Oslo; † 12. October 1969 during a flight from Paris to Oslo) was a Norwegian Eiskunstläuferin.

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sporty ones successes

already as eleven-year old participated Sonja Henie in the olympic winter plays 1924 and reached the 8. Rank. With the plays it set on the Po and called themselves Hoppla. For this time it also Ms Hoppla was called. However it had to run during its cure several times to their coach to do in order to ask, what would have it next. Henie won 1927 as fifteen-year ones its first of 10 sequential ice art run world championships and one year later their first olympic gold medal. It was supported by its father, who trained it and their support was. He had been even a sportsman and participated likewise in olympic plays. However Henie had a correct childhood by the ambitious goals of its father never.

Henie won 1928, 1932 and 1936 the ice art run gold medal with the olympic winter plays. In addition it became six times successively Eiskunstlauf Europameisterin. It is thereby one of the most successful ice art runner inside all times.

Henie is considered as that Sportlerin, who introduced as first short skirts as costume in the ice art run and used as first the Choreographie in the ice art run.

Among the spectators of the olympic winter plays 1936 in mixing part churches was also Adolf Hitler. It invited the Norwegian with her parents on the nearby upper salt mountain to the meal. Contacts to high-ranking Nazis can be proven still to beginning of the forties.

1936 Sonja Henie

a film career in Hollywood began and closed professional and film career after their retreat from the amateur haven also with the Filmmogul Darryl F. Zanuck of the 20th Century Fox a five-annual contract off. In this time its father, who was their largest support, at a cardiac infarct died. Afterwards their nut/mother took the most important role in their life. Between 1937 and 1948 it turned twelve successful films. She was admired by Clark Gable, married him however not. Afterwards it tourte with its own ice revue by the whole world. But their large time was in the middle of the fifties past, and the enterprise ended in the financial disaster. She remained a wealthy woman nevertheless.

structure of an art collection

1956 separated it from its second married man and married themselves the shipowner of Nile Onstad. With it it went back to Norway. She dedicated herself now primarily to the art collection of her man. They develop an important collection of modern art together and created a museum for modern trend art, „the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter “in Høvikodden (close Oslo), which was opened 1968.

In September 1968 with it leukaemia was diagnosed. Drawn by the serious illness visited it 1969 friends in Paris and died on the return flight after Oslo. It remained childless.


  • One in A million (dt.: The ice princess), 1936 - with Adolphe Menjou and Don Ameche. The Studio developed a special camera technology to catch around the fast movements on the ice
  • Thin Ice, 1937 - with Tyrone power. One of the most successful films of the yearly
  • Happy Landing (dt.: The ice queen), 1938 - with Don Ameche. Sonja Henie is selected among the 10 cash-strongest actors
  • My Lucky star, 1938 - with smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Greene and Cesar Romero
  • Second Fiddle, 1939 - with Tyrone power.
  • Everything Happens RK Night, 1939 - with Ray Milland and Robert Cummings
  • Sun Valley serenade, 1941 - with Glenn Miller and John Payne
  • Iceland, 1942 - with John Payne and Jack Oakie.
  • Winter time, 1943 - with Jack Oakie, Cesar Romero and Carole Landis.
  • It's A Pleasure, 1945 - with Michael O'Shea
  • The Countess OF Monte Cristo, 1948


  • Wings on My Feet (1940) - autobiography

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